Healthcare and technology have long been intertwined. Medicine has always been connected with technology, and as healthcare and the economy interact, the technological demands on healthcare continue to rise. In order to best deliver high-quality healthcare, it is important that technological issues be sorted out. Here are the top three tech challenges facing healthcare in 2013.

Top 3 Tech Challenges Facing Healthcare in 2013

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1. Billing
In much of the developed world, one of the most pressing issues facing healthcare is how to bill patients properly. While much of the developed world has government-provided healthcare, many do not; any nation that uses the private market will have to find ways to handle billing in an efficient manner.

Fortunately, technology has made this task far easier than it was in the past. However, the complexity of healthcare has increased significantly as well. To deal with this, many nations are subsidizing healthcare providers who switch to electronic billing. Although this transition will take some time, some of these improvements will help mitigate the difficulty.

2. Advanced Imaging Technology
In the past, X-rays were the only viable form of imaging. Later, advanced techniques were developed, and healthcare providers now depend on CT scans and MRIs to best diagnose and treat patients. These technologies, however, are considerably more complex than X-rays, and doctors have to learn how to read these images correctly.

In addition, these technologies change frequently, which means that doctors have to continually educate themselves in order to keep up with the latest developments. As these machines’ resolutions improve, they will become even more powerful, and doctors will be able to diagnose diseases and disorders earlier. However, significant training will be required to use these machines most effectively.

3. Communication
Healthcare depends on communication. Doctors must communicate with patients, and doctors depend on patient input to help craft the best treatments possible. In addition, doctors and nurses regularly communicate with each other when dealing with patients.

Those in medical practices must also communicate with pharmacists, and healthcare systems depend on pharmacists to help ensure that patients are taking their medicines in a safe manner. The way people communicate, however, is changing rapidly, and the healthcare industry will have to take steps to stay current with how people commonly communicate.

As a result, patients can expect to have their doctors and nurses give them information about treating chronic disorders through email. Many pharmacies are now allowing doctors to send them prescriptions electronically, which reduces the likelihood of fraud and misunderstandings brought about by sloppy handwriting. Fortunately, this change will reduce the cost of medical care, but it will take some time to implement.

Modern healthcare was only developed in the early 20th century, and it has changed at a rapid pace ever since. Dealing with this change, however, can lead to turbulent times. Fortunately, people are becoming more familiar with computers and new technology, which will make the transition easier. While these changes will take time, the results should be worth it as patients can expect better communication, more accurate diagnoses and lower costs.

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