Why You Should Setup Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

Webmaster tools for search engine optimization (SEO) were offered to businesses to improve visibility and profitability of companies. Conscientious webmasters are constantly seeking ways to improve and increase earnings. Webmaster tools are just one way to accomplish this goal. Since the webmaster tools are free and offered on Google’s website, there is nothing to lose by incorporating webmaster tools. Let’s take a look at how webmaster tools can help to improve your company.

What are Google Webmaster Tools?

Google webmaster tools are created to help webmasters determine how to index their websites. The tools allow users to view their websites in the same manner that Google views them. These tools can help webmasters optimize their websites and correct mistakes. Here are some ways these tools can help companies achieve search engine optimization (SEO):

Google Webmaster Tools

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Improves Search Engine Ranking With Sitemap Submission

Sitemaps are essential to improving search engine ranking. Web crawlers look at sitemaps for keywords and to determine the site’s relevance to other keywords searched. Submitting the sitemap can improve position in the search engine.

View Performance Statistics

The website’s performance can demonstrate areas of improvement. Companies can alter the plan of action based on the statistics.

Checks for Blocked URLs

Blocked URLs can prevent your website from receiving traffic. This also blocks sales conversions and hurts total revenue.

Checks for Crawl Errors

Crawl errors can lower the website’s ranking. Webmaster tools indicate crawl errors that can be rectified to improve search engine ranking.

Incoming Links Origins Disclosed

Webmaster tools allow companies to view incoming links or the websites that link to your particular website. This portion of the tool also discloses the number of incoming links present.

Checks Internal Links

These tools also checks internal links on your company’s website.

Shows Most Significant Keywords

The most significant keywords are listed to help optimize the website and increase traffic.

View Most Popular Content

The most popular content can indicate to webmasters how to market to customers in the future. Future content can be written similar to the popular content.

Provides Crawling Instructions via Robots.txt

When crawlers know what items to avoid and which items to include, your company’s website will eventually be ranked higher because irrelevant links will be excluded.

Indicates How Title and Meta Tags are Set Up

Title and Meta Tags must be optimized to increase website ranking. Webmaster tools will provide insight into how to setup Title and Meta Tags.

Webmaster Tools are Essential For Search Engine Optimization

Webmaster tools are necessary to optimize websites and improve traffic received. Increased website traffic will eventually improve sales conversions and sales revenue. Profitable companies can reinvest in products and services to earn a loyal following and become more profitable. Consider using webmaster tools to gain more exposure for your company and increase profitability.

David is an SEO manager with Search Factory, a Brisbane, Australia based SEO agency. David believes Google Webmaster Tools is such a useful tool, it is one of the first things he ensures is correctly setup when starting a new SEO campaign for a client. For more information on Webmaster tools visit: http://searchfactory.com.au

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