These smart phones were once the reigning kings in the mobile market, until further updates from their makers came and pushed them off their top rankings. Whether it is Sony Xperia S, the Motorola Razr I or the Samsung Galaxy 2, take a look at their features and decide whether you’d like to buy them at cheaper rates than the current top notch smart phones.

Sony Xperia S
There are several positives about the Sony Xperia S and until the T and U versions came up, it pretty much ruled the roost. The best features of the Xperia S are its screen that exudes sheer dynamic magnetism and style, its camera which gives you high end resolution, clarity, and splendid picture quality, the software by Google, and the syncing with your Play Station console.
The negative features of the Sony Xperia S would be the Ice-cream Sandwich Android system, which back then was the best OS, but with the Jelly Bean update sounds outdated and obsolete. The 32 GB expandable memory might not be enough for most high tech applications and there is no SD slot either. The keys are soft and the list of tiny problems goes on, which is why the subsequent editions were built and are more successful. For the price, we feel the Xperia S is still an extremely good choice.

Sony Xperia S, Motorola Razr I and Samsung Galaxy S2

Motorola Razr I
The Motorola Razr I is nothing praiseworthy but the ergonomic set-up is a lovely design worth noting. The Razr I has an expandable memory of up to 64 MB, making it great for multi-tasking. It has an Android powered set-up which means there is super-fast processing and multitasking benefits included in the phone. The display, camera, call quality, and the app-friendly nature of the phone’s software makes it an ideal smart phone for novices to get familiar with, before they opt for high end ones.

If you’re not obsessed with mega-pixels in your camera and lots of flash applications in your smart phone, you must try the Motorola Razr I. There is nothing wonderfully good and there is nothing extremely bad either. An average phone with a great low price is perhaps the best way to describe the Razr I.

Samsung Galaxy S2
Before the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S2 literally ruled the smart phone scene. Super-slim, screen with lovely AMOLED display, dual core processor, huge memory, app compatibility, file sharing, networking, syncing, and pretty much everything on the go. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the only phone that could give the iPhone 4S a serious run for its money.

The only cons to the Samsung S2 model was the absence of the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 version OS (which back then, wasn’t developed), the plastic body which makes it less classy-looking than metal ones, the dual-core processor that gave it comparatively lower speeds when compared to a quad-core processor phone, and the fact that the display did not feature a lot of customisation options. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S2, you do get a ‘perfect smart phone’.

Your Decision
The Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Razr I, and the Sony Xperia S are fabulous smart phones at affordable prices. You certainly must check them out before you check the high-end models.

Phil Turner has a second hand iPhone 4 pay as you go phone. It does the job he needs it to do and he is happy.

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