3 Longer-Lasting Smartphones – Nokia Lumia 610, Sony Xperia T and Orange San Diego

While most smart phones need charging on a regular basis as they tend to drain power rather quickly, there are some that have a longer battery life and are therefore better for those who perform a lot of their business on the handset. Anyone who needs the phone for multi-tasking, as in, not just using it for voice calls but also for surfing the internet and for organising their day a longer battery life is essential. The Nokia Lumia 610, the Sony Xperia T and the Orange San Diego are phones with really wonderful features and a long-lasting battery life.

Nokia Lumia 610

The Nokia Lumia 610 is one of the cheapest smart phones available today. However, it does sacrifice a lot on the tech front. The battery is top notch and remains charged all day, providing you with extra power to run your applications. The phone is however, a little bulky, courtesy of the huge battery it consists of. The Windows OS is as usual high quality and handles all your applications and social networking feeds with style. The build is quite good, which is expected of all Nokia phones.

Nokia Lumia 610, Sony Xperia T and Orange

What will hurt you the most when you purchase the Nokia Lumia 610 is the 256 MB RAM and the 6GB storage memory that won’t run Skype, Google Now, Nokia Maps, and any software. In fact, the apps take hours to load onto the interface and the speeds are quite slow. With the camera, flash, social networking and file sharing ability, syncing abilities, and huge display, you do get a feel of owning a smart phone with the Nokia Lumia 610, at a low cost.


Sony Xperia T

With the Sony Xperia T, we have a new smart phone with fabulous tech and software support, but absolutely no novelty. In fact, you feel like you are holding an iPhone 4S in your hand at a much lower price. The battery is huge, which is a plus point. It is Play Station certified, which is another reason why the Xperia is high on the gamers’ lists. The display screen and the camera are fabulous add-ons too.

However, you cannot help comparing the Xperia T to its predecessor, the Xperia S, which had 32 GB expandable memory in contrast to Xperia T’s 16 GB memory, which is a step backwards. The NFC compatibility is a plus, but with no real benefit for the average user.

Orange San Diego

Orange San Diego by Intel is a brave attempt to foray into the smart phone market. It has a superfast processing system and a lot of high end syncing facilities. The battery is robust and the prices are really low. However, the phone falters on memory count, apps that are available to download, and the fact that the camera is extremely tough to use.

If you’re not particular on having high-end apps on your smart phone and are content with super browsing and processing speeds, the Orange San Diego is a great choice for you.

Your Choice
Whether it is the Orange San Diego, the Sony Xperia T or the Nokia Lumia 610, you are sure to get a smart phone with basic function abilities at low costs.

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