A Review on a Great App for People Who Love Texting It seems that nowadays people are addicted to texting. We all have noticed that it doesn’t matter if we are walking, driving, shopping, working or studying; we all reply to the message we receive or we even start a conversation. There are people who can’t do anything without texting somebody.

For these people Cyidia Apps has BiteSMS. In order to get it you probably already know that you need to jailbreak your iPhone and to perform Cydia download. Once this is done, things get easier for you.
So, back to our topic: what exactly is BiteSMS? Well, it is an amazing app that lets you add more style and personality to your texting, while offering features that will definitely make you happy. Until now, there doesn’t seem to exist other Cydia Apps available that offers as many features as this one does.

You need to know that BiteSMS offers you not only quick reply and also a quick compose feature, being able to compose a new text message without quitting the app you are using. Also, You can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date. These are just a couple of features that this great Cydia App offers.

As all the phone apps, this one has been renewed more than once, the last release being BiteSMS 6.3. Because it is the last version, it is the one I recommend for all of you who are addicted to texting.

This version comes improved and with new features. So, if you decide to get this Cydia app or to renew your old one, you will enjoy great themes, a great control of the Quick Reply feature and of course, you will be able to display contacts pictures in the Lock screen notification list.
BiteSMS 6.3 can be downloaded for free in Cydia. If you decide to purchase a full license to remove ads, you need to pay 4.5 dollars.

Now it is up to you if you decide to get this Cydia App. If you find yourself texting all the time this app will definitely make it better, not only because its features are very useful but also because they are fun. So, if you are this person, get your iPhone ready for BiteSMS: jailbreak it and do the Cydia download. Then, things are very easy. You just need to decide on the Cydia Apps you need in order to enjoy your iPhone more, and get them!
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