HTC One X vs. The Samsung Galaxy Note II 
In the story of David versus Goliath, the young boy dramatically overcomes a huge giant. Is such a thing possible in the world of mobile phones? The giant in question is the Samsung Galaxy Note II, a huge phone designed by a huge manufacturer. The Note II is more of a mini tablet than a phone, but it has some big advantages. Our David is the HTC One X, a fantastic device, with some great function. Pitting them head to head we wanted to see how they compared. And if David can once again beat Goliath…

David: The HTC One X
The One X is a sexy little phone, extremely good looking and comes in at a decent price point too. Obviously, it’s main advantage over the Galaxy is its size. It comes in around ten per cent thinner, and around thirty per cent smaller. It’s also a lot lighter, weighing in at 130 g as opposed to the behemoth’s 180 g. If you’re looking for portability, then the HTC is probably the way to go. The other big advantage that it has lies in its screen. The HTC has around a twenty per cent higher PPI (pixels per inch). This means that the picture quality on the HTC is brighter, crisper and easier to look at.

HTC One X vs. The Samsung Galaxy Note II

Goliath: The Samsung Galaxy Note II
Unfortunately for our analogy, the giant comes out on top. The Galaxy is faster. It runs a 1600 MHz processor rather than the 1500 MHz on the HTC, making it around ten per cent more powerful, faster and more responsive. It also has double the RAM, which helps with that responsiveness, and also makes the phone better at multi-tasking, allowing you to run more processes at the same time without the risk of crashing or freezing your device. Obviously, the screen is larger, a massive 5.5 inches as compared to the 4.7 inches on the HTC. Sure, that makes it less portable, but also means that reading web pages and emails is a lot easier. On top of all that, you get double the internal storage on the Galaxy, which comes with 64 GB of memory as opposed to the 32 GB on the HTC. This means you can store more music, photos, data and apps on the Note II. Plus, the Galaxy runs Android’s 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system rather than the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that’s on the HTC, making it generally more stable.

The Giant Takes the Crown
The HTC really doesn’t stand a chance against the pure power of the Galaxy. Yes, the HTC is smaller and more portable, but once you’ve browsed the web on the Galaxy, you won’t want to go back to a smaller screen, it’s more than worth the inconvenience of a bigger device. Plus, with the faster processor, more RAM and more internal storage, the Galaxy is just more bang for your buck. The HTC is a great phone, but the Galaxy Note S II is an even better one.

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