Hottest Trends in Technology and the Home

Homes are filled with gadgets and gizmos that make day to day tasks more manageable and fun. Tech savvy homeowners can monitor energy output throughout the house and watch their favorite shows on televisions connected to the web, all with a push of a button. Needless to say, technology is here to stay, and its high level use is expanding rapidly.

So what are the trends regarding technology in the home? There are countless devices either being used or are in testing that can change the way people live inside their houses. Some of these products are home theater essentials while others are green appliances used for sustainability. Combine these with mobile devices and it is easy to see how homeowners can become overwhelmed when determining what to have in their home.

Trends in Technology and the Home

A connected television is essential to any home theater system. By being connected to the web, they can stream shows from online services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. They are also connected to mobile devices like phones or tablets. Ever feel like playing ‘Angry Birds’ on a big screen? Now you can. With the right system, homeowners can also connect playlists from Pandora, Spotify or from their iTunes account to really enhance the home theater experience.
In order to really be gadget centric, multiple portable docs should be available around the house. These can sync of iPods and tablets so that in some circumstances, such as cooking in the kitchen, programs can run hands free.


There is more to technology than just fun and games, however. Going green is a huge trend in the world today, and more and more appliances and products are energy efficient. A prime example of this is the Energy Star label that is on most modern electronics today. These also use smart technology, and can be programmed to turn on and off based on the schedule of the owner.
A must have gadget for techy homeowners is a home management system. These can virtually connect nearly every device in the house from phones and televisions to lights and appliances. They can also monitor energy output, so that no energy is being wasted (the greener the better!). Being plugged in throughout the home is very useful and can change the way homeowners live.

These are just a few hot trends regarding technology and the home.  There are sure to be new upcoming devices in the near future that can alter the way we live. Just think, 10 years ago iPods were rare, and now, it’s unimaginable not to have a mobile player of some kind. The future is not as far away as some people think.

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