As you know, keeping up with brand new technology is getting more difficult every year, especially when it comes to the world of entertainment. The moment you finally buy that television or video game system, a new version is announced. This is especially true when it comes to televisions and video game systems. Keep up with these up and coming technological advancements so that you don’t buy anything outdated or fall too far behind.

The Nintendo Wii U
The current generation of video game systems, which includes the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii, is nearing the end of its lifetime. Surprisingly enough, this generation has lasted much longer than the typical five-year cycle. This may be due to the implantation of online networks, which has greatly increased the replay value of many games. However, don’t jump on one of these systems just yet. Nintendo’s next-generation system has already been released and both Microsoft and Sony have sent out Development kits for their secretive new systems. Nintendo’s recently released Wii U implements the use of tablets as a controls. Wii U uses the tablet as a control as well as a separate game screen and promises to introduce a number of game play mechanics that have never been used before.

Changing World of Entertainment

If you are buying anything for your home theater system that contains wires, it will soon be replaced by wireless models. Video Game systems no longer use cables for their controllers except as a way to recharge the batteries. Many sound systems are now wireless, which helps to keep the living room from getting cluttered. When you look at new pieces components for your home theater system, ask about wireless options first.

3D Televisions
It’s tough knowing what you’re supposed to buy when it comes to TVs. New high definition televisions come out seemingly every month. It seems like only yesterday that you had to take out a second mortgage in order to afford a big-screen HDTV. Now they are relatively affordable. Unfortunately, the 3D boom has occurred. Companies are releasing better and better 3D capable HDTVs. Not only have 3D TVs become the newest and biggest thing, but research is already underway to replace HDTVs. Sony has created a 4K TV that makes the image of an HDTV look like the image of an old VHS cassette tape. The TV is outrageously expensive, of course, but that’s how every TV using new technology starts out.

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