Everyone knows that bingo is a fun game of pure chance.  It is similar to a coin toss.  One toss of the coin has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the next toss.  And there is a 50/50 chance with every single toss that the result will be heads.  Likewise in bingo, no one can predict what number will appear next.  In online bingo, the Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures that “random” is bingo’s middle name.The Tips
Understanding what has already been said, let’s take bingo winnings one step ahead.  If you sit down at a live bingo room with 299 other people in the same room, you know that at least one person will win.  Dealing statistically with one winner at a time, your chances of winning are one in 300.

Now consider the scenario where you find a bingo room on a cold, rainy evening, and only 29 people have braved the weather.  Again, if there is only one winner per game, you have a one-in-30 chance of taking the pot.  The probability of winning in this second scenario is 10 times greater than that of the first situation.

Most circumstances in life have positive as well as negative factors.  That’s one of the reasons that if given the choice of living anyone else’s life, both the good and the bad of that other life, people will generally choose their own pattern of living.  That being the case, let’s review the first scenario.  With 300 players present, the pots are going to be enormous.  So even if you have a smaller chance of taking the winnings home, the amount of that pot is going to make one person per game, a mighty lucky soul.  That’s very attractive to a lot of people.

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New Eyes on Bingo
Now let’s get a fresh perspective on the second situation.  Increased chances of winnings will most likely translate into more wins.  Therefore, with the second scenario, even though the pots are smaller, players will experience the thrill of winning more often.  Many players magnetize to the larger pots, but most players seek the probability presented in the second situation.
Another winning choice is to play multiple cards simultaneously.  The more cards you play, the higher the winning potential.  However, be aware that if you play more cards than you can reasonably handle, chances are great that you will miss numbers.  Those missed numbers can be the difference between Bingo! and frustration.  Bingo enthusiasts generally play more than one card, but not so many that confusion reigns.

Keep in mind that bingo requires that you stay alert and pay attention to the detail of numbers called.  In order to stay focused, get plenty of sleep and make sure that distractions around you are minimal.

Great Online Bonuses
Online bingo is the avenue to generous bonuses.  Bingo sites all offer bonuses in the form of added points or credits.  Chat game bonuses are one of the special bonuses provided at some sites.  Some of the other available bonuses include Free Tickets, for the purpose of providing players with the opportunity to try out a game and maybe even pick up a win; Sign Up bonuses often offer large playing credits to gamers who are new to the site and activate their accounts, playing with real money; Promotional bonuses are offered on most sites for limited periods of time, to increase the playing credits and excitement.

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Chat Game Bonuses Yield Larger Prizes
Various online bingo rooms provide Chat bonuses.  When you win a chat game, you will receive extra prizes.  Usually these prizes consist of special credits or points and cannot be cashed out.  The specific chat bonus is dependent upon the type of bingo game.  Each online bingo room independently determines their chat game bonus prize.  Chat bonuses are generally one or two bingo points, valued at approximately £1.  It is essential to follow the procedure for receipt of the chat bonus.  Therefore, make sure that you read the rules carefully.

Since you can’t cash out the chat bonus, the question remains: what can you do with them?  For openers, you can use the points as extra Tickets for playing bingo.  Secondly, if you win after playing with your bonus, many sites allow you to cash out your prize.  Thirdly, chat games give you direct access to winning the large jackpot.

Use your bingo tips and chat game bonuses to increase your chances of winning jackpots.
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