Why Use An IPhone App Over A GPS Watch For Running?

GPS watches have really taken off as the gadget of choice for many runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts over the past few years. These gadgets are  great as they allow you to track a number of different training metrics such as pace, speed, distance, time and calories as well as a number of other high end features.

Although GPS watches are great for those fitness freaks who are interested in recording every aspect of their training and racing, for the average joe, they simply do not offer good value for money. This is why many people are looking for alternatives to some of the higher prices GPS watch models such as the Garmin Forerunner range, Suunto range or Timex Ironman range in their search for a better value or money solution for their training needs.

One such solution involves smartphones. The growth of the Android and Iphone handset has seen a wealth of third part phone app developers produce their own versions of some GPS gadgets, using the in built internet functionality of the smartphone itself.

GPS Watch For Running

Endumundo App
One such app is the Endumondo App. This is an app that started life as a small project from an unknown developer and has quickly spun into a fully fledged and rapidly growing company that could be described as one of the most famous tech startups of this decade.

Offering similar functionality to entry level GPS running watches such as the Suunto GPS fit 1.0, the Endumundo app allows you to record all   basic stats about your training sessions. You can also use your phones memory to store your training sessions and so there is no danger of you running out of memory.

Battery Problems
The only downside to using your phone as a GPS watch alternative has to do with the amount of features that some GPS fitness watches offer. Watches such as the Garmin forerunner series allow you to upload your sessions to an internet based portal where you can exmine your entire training performance as you work towards your sporting targets and goals.

Another disadvantage is that the battery life of a smartphone is no where near as good as most GPS watches on the market. The new Soleus GPS tri watch has a battery life numbering over one week – something that even the latest smart phone could rival. However, for the small price tag of the Endumundo app, it is a winner in my book for the shear value for money that it represents.

This article was written by Ross, a London based gadget enthusiast and club level runner.

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