How to Control Your Child’s iTunes Spending

There are many great benefits to having access to the iTunes Store, even for children. From this virtual digital products warehouse, everything from music to mobile video games can be purchased. However, those downloads come with a price tag, and it’s easy to see how a child’s unbridled spending could easily add up. Don’t be one of those parents who learn that lesson the hard way. Here are instructions for how to control your child’s iTunes spending through the iTunes Allowance feature:

Navigate this to the iTunes Store
You can access the store through iTunes. If you haven’t already downloaded iTunes to your computer, then visit the Apple website to download iTunes for free. From the iTunes interface, you can visit the iTunes Store by simply clicking the icon at the top left portion of the screen.

Initiate an iTunes Allowance setup 
Once you are in the iTunes Store, navigate to the right hand side of your screen, where you will find the Quick Links menu. On that menu, you will find an option to “Buy iTunes Gift.” Click that option to access a scroll-down menu, where you will find a “Set Up an Allowance Now” button. When you hit that button, a short form will appear. This is where you will enter your basic identifying information, as well as the recipient’s, before you move on to setting up the Allowance details.


Choose the details of your iTunes Allowance
From the Monthly Allowance drop-down menu, you can choose your allowance amount. Although the default is $20, you also have options of choosing any amount between $10 and $50, in $10 increments. Once you’ve chosen your allowance amount, you will have to choose when you want to be charged for the transaction – either immediately, or the first day of the next month – by clicking on the appropriate “First Installment” radio button. Finally, you will need to provide the recipient’s Apple ID. If the recipient does not have an Apple ID, then you can create one (by clicking the appropriate radio button).

Buy your iTunes Allowance
Before you can finalize the transaction (make your purchase), you will be asked to sign on using your Apple ID. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, then simply choose the option to create one. After signing in with an Apple ID, you will be presented with a confirmation box. Look over the details of your newly established iTunes Allowance to make sure it is as you want it, and then click on the Buy button to complete the purchase.

Paying exorbitant iTunes fees can be a hassle. Setting up an iTunes allowance is a breeze. Protect yourself, and your wallet, by setting up your child’s allowance today.

Jeffry Tobery had to set up an iTunes allowance for his 2 teen boys in order to avoid bankruptcy. He’s always looking for effective allowance and spending methods, cheap ink for their printers, and great new gadgets. Boys will be boys!

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