Is There a Place in a Smart Home for a Burglar Alarm?
We have heard a lot about smart homes in the recent past and there is no doubt that we are going to be hearing a lot more about them in the future in the future as well. The idea of customizing our home to our needs and making it easier to control is one which appeals to just about all of us.
However, there are bound to be elements of the traditional home which take time in getting up to speed with the smart home concept. The good news is that burglar alarms aren’t going to be included in this category.A Wireless Approach
Any smart home worth its salt is going to go for the wireless approach, isn’t it? You certainly don’t clumsy cables all the over place, spoiling the look. In fact, the advent of the wireless alarm system has meant more to householders than simply a neater and more modern approach. The old fear about the wires being cut by an intruder has now been removed thanks to this innovation. It also means that you can add on more sensors if you plan to extend the house or to move in the future.

Remote Control
Another big element of a smart home is the remote control approach. You will want to be able to control as much as possible from wherever you are. Modern alarm systems are top class in this respect, and you can control and monitor them when you are out and about. Perhaps most exciting of all is the trend for CCTV systems to show their images on security internet sites. This means that you can check out live images of your home wherever you are. A development we are likely to see more of in the future is the one which lets us hook our controls up with our mobile phones and keep the alarm monitored that way.

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Other Options
If there is one thing we all want these days it is flexibility. With our alarm systems this might seem like we are asking for too much. However, there are now some interesting options which are well worth thinking about. For example, you could set your alarm to switch on certain lights in the house if it gets activated by an intruder or do other clever things to make it look as though you are there. You could also use some of the more advanced alarm controls to upload your music files and set your own welcome music or something which could potentially scare off intruders. With sites such as the ADT one offering more advanced alarms all the time it is clear that we are going to be getting more exciting options to choose from in the future.

This article was writen by ADT, specialists in home security technology

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