Spot the Difference – The HTC One X vs. The HTC One X+

Cell phone manufacturers have a terrible habit of bringing out new models every couple of months that are apparently upgrades of already existing models. Of course, this forces us to spend more money, because we all want the latest technology.

HTC is today’s case in point, with their upgrade of the already fabulous HTC One X into the HTC One X+. So what exactly does the + do for us? Well, it makes us spend more money, either to upgrade our existing phone, or to pay just a few pounds more for the more modern version when we’re making our purchase. Is there really anything more to it than that?

The answer is not really. The difference between these two models is really negligible, and frankly, they’re barely different phones.


What the X+ Has Got that the X Hasn’t…
Well, not a lot. There are two reasons why you might consider upgrading to the One X+.
The first is internal storage. The X+ comes with 64 GB of internal storage versus the X’s 32 GB. In effect, this means that you get double the amount of photos, applications, videos and movies on your phone. The truth is though, that 32 GB is still a lot of storage space. Unless you’re the kind of person that keeps their entire MP3 collection on their phone, you’re going to be hard pressed to use even the original X’s 32 GB.

HTC One X vs. The HTC One X+

The other reason is processor speed. The X+ runs a 1700 MHz processor, whereas the X runs only a 1500 MHz processor. Effectively, this means that the X+ should be around ten per cent more powerful, snappier and more responsive. But, at this kind of level you would find it difficult to see a noticeable difference between the two. They’re both already fast, making one ten per cent faster than the other really doesn’t do all that much…

What the X Has Got that the X+ Hasn’t…
Surprisingly, there are a couple of things that the X has that are missing in the upgrade to the X+.
Firstly, you get faster maximum data speeds on the X, around twelve times faster, meaning you get faster downloads and your web pages open more quickly.

Then you get significantly more talk time. One of the downsides of having a more powerful processor is that it sucks out more battery power, which is exactly what happens with the X+. The result of this is that the original X gets around ten hours of talk time per battery charge cycle, whereas the newer X+ gets only six hours.

Oh, and one other thing. The original X comes with a built in FM radio, this is missing in the X+. It’s not a big thing, there are so many radio apps available that it doesn’t make a lot of difference, but still, it’s odd that it should be missing on an upgrade that has more internal storage space anyway.

Worth the Upgrade?
Probably not. There’s not an awful lot of difference really. If you truly need the extra internal storage, then go for it. If not, there’s no reason to pay for the upgrade. Both phones are pretty much equal, and other than the storage space you’re really not going to notice an awful lot of difference between them. Save your pennies, and go for the original HTC One X.

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