Two of the Best Introductory Smartphones – HTC One X and the HTC Desire C

HTC One X and the HTC Desire C
HTC has been pioneering the genre of low-budget smart phones with all the required features and amenities for quite a while now. Two of its high quality Android powered smart phones, the HTC One X+ and the HTC Desire C, are marvelous phones with loads of functions, apps, sleek designs, huge memory spaces, and quad-core processing systems to make them one of the best value buys you could ever indulge in, for a budget that could put Apple and Samsung to shame, given the quality you get. A sneak peek into their specifications and highlights are given below to help you make a calculated choice.

HTC One X+
An update to the HTC X, the HTX One X+ comes powered with a huge memory (the best in the business), a grand screen that makes navigation fun, a wonderful camera with a high quality focus, resolution, and settings, and the powerful Android Jelly Bean OS to power it through.
Slick at just 0.35 inches of thickness, the HTC One X+ fits into your pocket with ease and is lightweight and a joy to handle.

 HTC One X and the HTC Desire C
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This ergonomic model comes with easy-to-classify icons, a user-friendly interface, and heaps of memory space to make multitasking on the move so much easier. Though several users rave about the 64GB memory there is no SD slot for inserting a memory card, so for people who are excessively prone to download apps they don’t need they may eventually find this storage space a little limited. Gifted with impeccable social networking, syncing and creative-applications, however, the HTC One X+ is not very adaptable to business users, which is perhaps its only drawback.


Otherwise, for the cheap prices you get the HTC One X+ for; the phone is an incredible option to invest in.

HTC Desire C
HTC wanted to enhance the Desire C with a strong processor, but ended up installing a dual-core processor with 1GB RAM in the end, which does not significantly impact your navigation and processing, but can thwart multitasking plans and the superb Ice-cream Sandwich Android version the smart phone is built around.

The design and build of the HTC Desire C make it very stylish and sleek. However, the screen size is compromised to a large extent making it really small and with low resolution pixels affecting visibility and clarity. The interface is new but far from innovative, and though there are several apps and icons that are placed on the screen, they aren’t done with emphasis on organisation and layouts.

The 5 megapixel camera is superb and with the LED-flash mobile phone photography has never been better. Though the audio jacks could have been slightly worked upon, they are average and good for the price of the HTC Desire C. there is plenty of room for improvement on this feature however and something HTC may consider looking at for their newer models.

The HTC Desire C is a decent phone with one of the most powerful Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS working in it. If you have a smaller budget or are new to the smartphone range then this could be a great model to test the water with before taking the plunge on a more expensive, feature filled smartphone.

Phil Turner has used a Tesco phone for the past three years and is well-pleased with it.

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