Benefits Of A Telecom Distributor

Benefits Of A Telecom Distributor
Telecom distributorship is a complex world indeed. It is populated by a large number of telecom carriers, agents and master agents who can make a huge difference to the way the customer gets his telecom solutions. One of the more important roles in this space is that of the telecom distributor. A distributor can easily function as the core around which all the other players in the telecom market space revolve. Therefore he is in a unique position to deliver a range of benefits to everybody in the telecom ecosystem.

Automation of procedures
There are plenty of procedures that are essential to the successful operation of the telecom business. For instance, lead generation and price quotations are a couple of examples of these procedures and processes. Automating most of the components of these processes can go a long way in helping a telecom agent concentrate on its core business rather than get bogged down by “office operations”. A telecom distributor can help in automating all these aspects.

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Job specialization
A telecom distributor can also build an army of people who are specialists in one particular domain. For instance, a telecom agent need not be bothered too much about where to source customers from. He can leave this job to a person designated as a lead generator. Similarly, a product specialist will take care of details pertaining to a technical product or solution. This kind of job specialization leaves an agent or a company to focus on the core area of business rather than dilute their own resources.


Tailoring special programs
A telecom distributor also has the wherewithal to come up with customized or tailor made partnership programs that can benefit a wide section of people who want to become telecom agents. For instance, there could be partner programs that can see an individual enlist as an independent sales agent where he will enjoy a certain bundle of benefits and services. Or an individual could also become part of an affiliate program where the annual commitment may be slightly higher but he will also get a better commission rate payable to him.

Assistance with marketing efforts
A telecom distributor will also be helpful to the agents in his network because he can provide them with marketing and promotional support. These efforts will go a long way in getting customers to know about a particular agent or particular telecom distributor and therefore will also see enhancement in customer base and sales figures too.

Enhancing business value
At the end of the day, it will be all about quantum or degree of business value that a telecom agent will derive from his work. Therefore, a few things need to come into play to deliver such business value. A telecom distributor can therefore look at the following aspects, to name a few, to ensure that his agents are getting the best of support:

  • Training – orientation and refresher
  • Support – technical and business support
  • Technology – a telecom distributor will be able to make an assessment of all new software and figure out how it can be harnessed to make a business agent’s work that much more easier.

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