Best Buy For The New Year – Samsung Plasma HDTV Review

There is a relatively new HDTV out now from Samsung – the PN50C490B3D.  This high-definition plasma TV comes with 3D as well as a screen size of 50 inches wide.  It’s possible to play 720p video content at a refresh rate of 600 Hertz which makes it one of the best performing TVs of its type in the market today.  In my opinion this is one of the best buys when it comes to new HDTVs at the moment, so please read on to find out more.

What’s In the Box?
When you open up the box you will see there is an easy to understand owner’s manual plus a sturdy remote control which works via infrared. This Samsung plasma HDTV is also energy efficient and provides good color saturation and contrast levels – making it perfect for multi-use whether for home cinema or gaming.

Sharp Images and Great Contrast Levels
It comes with a million to two dynamic contrast ratio which helps to create very sharp images on screen. There are a total of three HDMI ports on this TV, but the cables do not come in the box and you will unfortunately need to buy those separately.  There is a port on the rear of the casing where you can hook up a PC or games console meaning you can use the HDTV as a monitor of for gaming.  There are two audio ports and a component video input on the back – it’s possible to also use the digital audio input too.

Samsung Plasma HD TV Review
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Sounds Quality is Very Good
If sound quality is important to you then you will love the speakers that are integrated into the casing which let you fill the room with sound creating a very good theatrical atmosphere for those big movie titles or top games. The simulated surround sound technology is very good and offers a quality experience whilst watching movies.

No Internet Compatibility
Does it have Internet capability?  Unfortunately not, so if this is important you should look at the higher end models instead – for example try one of the new Sony Bravia models.

3D Movies – Great User Experience
And how about the 3D?  It comes with free glasses and is generally a very good user experience – although you will need to buy specially formatted 3D movies and this will not work well with standard TV broadcasts.

Load Multi-Media Files Via USB
You can also use the USB port to load photos and videos to the screen or even play digital music files via the Samsung as well – just another reason to think of this product as one of the best buy televisions currently available.

Warranty and Customer Service
In terms of a warranty then you will get a free year’s worth of cover.  The Samsung warranty covers labor and any repairs to damaged or defective without you needing to pay more money.  Samsung customer services does tend to be second to none so should you experience any problems I am confident you should get them resolved quickly and easily with no hassle.

Conclusion on the Samsung PN50C490B3D HDTV
Overall I would give this plasma TV a solid four stars out of five – I’ve had do downgrade slightly due to the lack of web access – but this can be overlooked I think if you want a large TV with great sound and pictures.  Watching 3D movies on the PN50C490B3D is an absolute pleasure and with the surround sound in place you can almost place yourself into the center of the action as if you were actually there in person yourself – definitely worth a purchase and is one of my best buy gadgets for 2013.

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