Essential Smartphone Accessories
No matter how many great things our smartphones can do, and regardless of how far technology has come, there are still limitations. Although developers are constantly working to make improvements, trying to get a handset that can do everything you might want it too is difficult, especially when it comes to fitting all that software inside of a tiny casing. However, with the help of a few smartphone accessories our handsets can be even more impressive than they currently are.

For example, take the iPhone, an absolutely amazing device that was way ahead of its field at the time. The iPhone really shook up the competition and opened the doors to a new wave of mobile phones, the smartphone. Even the iPhone can be made better with a few add-ons like the Eye Scope for example. Taking photographs using mobile handsets has become a part of everyday life, even though those images are often of a lesser quality. It offers an optical zoom that helps to keep images crisp and clear and overall much better quality.  The 8x zoom capacity is outstanding and any iPhone user who takes images with their phone really should not do without with great addition.

Essential Smartphone Accessories
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A Touchscreen Stylus
Touch screens can be tricky when used by someone who has larger hands that is why a stylus is ideal. There are several brands available on the market suitable for a range of handsets, like the S-Pen stylus from Samsung which is ideal for using with the Galaxy range of phones, or the iDoodle device from Apple. While these are great for use both with phones and tablets to navigate menus quickly, they are also fun and entertaining when used with drawing software so are great for kids too.

Portable Battery Charger
Who among us has not been caught out by a low battery hen needing to make an important call? I think it happens to every mobile phone user at some point. There is a solution in the Pebble Battery portable charging device however. It comes complete with many adapters so it is suitable for most of the top branded phones and it can also charge certain MP3 players and even the Nintendo DS. It is a handy little device to have at a really low price.

HDMI Output to TV
Haver you downloaded a film to your smartphone, or recorded a video of something fun? Well you can now watch these on your television with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S III MHL/HDMI adapter. Most television sets nowadays have an HDMI socket for attaching games consoles and other external hardware. With this device you can attach your mobile phone to the television and watch the images on the larger screen.

Perhaps the most fun looking adapter on the market at the moment is the Atwater Kent iPhone Speaker Dock. It looks just like an old gramophone with the large horn speaker but is completely wireless. It does not have its own power source; it just relies solely on natural acoustics to amplify the sound. They are made to order and are much more costly than many other iPhone speaker docks, however, it looks amazing and works fantastically well.

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