Is It Possible To Generate My Own Energy?

Is It Possible to Generate My Own Energy?
This is a big question at the moment – we’re currently seeing a lot of interest in home energy generation due to the difficult times faced by many homes during these times of economic troubles in the UK.

There are actually a lot of other ways you can cut down your bill which we will talk about at the end of this article – however, for those of you looking to make the best savings on your energy bills and who are not shy of a bit of work then generating your own energy can be a great solution.
So let’s take a look at the options…

Wind Power:
Wind power is one of the great untapped sources of power in the UK. Over the past few years we have been making great strides towards using more wind power generation but this is really an area where we can still improve. It’s also one of the few methods which is easy to install in your own home.  You can go online and buy a do-it-yourself turbine kit and put it up on your roof of your house, or you can employ a local power company or home wind turbine company to do it for you.

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They may place a large mast for your turbine or attach it to your wall or whichever spot is likely to get the most wind. This will then connect to a power converter in your home that feeds into your mains supply. If you’re really in a good spot you may even be able to generate enough electricity to start selling it back to the energy companies.

Solar Power:
Solar power isn’t always the best energy supplier thanks to the terrible British weather – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good investment. Modern solar panels are actually very efficient and it is even possible to create excess energy which you can sell back to the grid.

The most common method for this is to buy and place solar panels on your roof, its fairly easy to do if you’re an experienced builder but otherwise its highly recommended to have a professional do it for you in order to maximize energy generation.

Hydro & Nuclear Power:
Nuclear power? We hear you cry… well, OK, actually you’re right – nuclear power is not yet a viable option in the home! But you might be amazed to know that scientists are actually working on prototypes for mini-sized home nuclear generators, each of which is predicted to produce enough electricity to power an average home for the next 50 years.

Hydro power however, is a much more viable option, mini-turbines are now available to buy for the home market and readily available for purchase. In order to use one of these you’ll need a constant supply of naturally running water, such as a river at the end of your garden. Whilst energy output from these mini-turbines is quite small – it is expected that they are a perfect partner for providing extra energy during the winter months making up the shortfall from your solar panels when there is less sunshine.

As you can see there really are some good options for home energy generation, however for many of us the initial cost is too big or the amount of work involved makes it unviable. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution we recommend that you take a look at switching your energy supplier. The chances are you’re with one of the big-6 energy providers but you can make great savings by switching to a smaller provider.

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