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In this modern age, technology is fast pacing in the world of computers and hand held devices. The computer world produces new cutting edge products about every three to five months. Generally speaking there is new technology unveiled before the product, device, or computer even begins to be fully marketed to the general public. What is new today is often old news tomorrow. What cost thousands to purchase because it is state of the art today is a recycled artifact tomorrow. Here we will discuss a few of the most significant and game changing developments in the tech World we know today.


Central Processing Units (CPU)
CPUs were once marketed as single core units. Single core meant the CPU had one dedicated core per CPU. As technology advanced there was a fast race to see which manufacture could develop the fastest CPU. The results were that manufactures produced a new CPU about every other week, new dies and processes sent the speed values and clock frequencies up the chart at an alarming rate. When technology finally reached the barrier around 4 GHZ the CPU speed race was maxed out to its fullest need.


The software had not been developed that really requires all those speed demons. The software that was utilized performed just as affective on a 2 GHZ system as a 4 GHZ system. Some would have thought that this is where it would have ended, but the truth was this is only were it began; someone came up with the die to make a CPU have the ability to have more than just one core. Now the new trends are moving towards 2-6 cores. What this meant was that the same CPU could now perform two- six times as much instruction cycles as the single cored CPUs. The race was on again. As of this date the race has never seemed to stop.

Computer Memory
As the CPU advanced so did the need for the memory of these super clocked CPUs. The CPUs that now ran at lighting speeds needed the ability to process the instructions from a central supply that was quickly accessed. Think of it this way, If you had a car that the engine could make it go five hundred miles an hour (the car motor in comparison being the CPU) and the transmission (That being the memory of the computer) Only was capable of letting the motor run at two hundred miles an hour then the car would be bottlenecked from the inferior transmission., So was the case with early CPUs. Early CPUs ran fast but memory could not keep up with the CPUS. As time went on the data rate values doubled, tripled, or finally leaped of the speed charts to keep up with demand. Technology was birthing a monster.

Operating Systems
In the infancy of computers the operating systems (OS) was simple and not complexed. As computers advanced and programs became dependent on Graphic Interfaces to make the programs more user friendly the OS needed to evolve. Companies like the giant Microsoft saw the need and rallied to the cause with the invention of Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS) The DOS system was not very user friendly. Microsoft again paid heed to their audience and developed an OS much more user friendly. This OS was called Windows. Other manufactures fell into suite quickly by following the principle needs of producing an OS that was very hardware variable. Companies like Linux, OS WARP, Sysco, and many more software giants have continued to keep the modern OS up to pace with the new technological standards.

In Conclusion
With the constant advancements and growth in technology the sky is the limit as to what we are capable of as humans. I believe this is still only the beginning and we have merely scratched the surface of the future. Just take the last 100 years and look how far we have come. The future is upon us.

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