Queensland Invests In Information Technology

Queensland a Focal Point for Australian Investment in ICT
With Australia establishing the National Broadband Network (NBN), now is a good time to be in the ICT industry. The estimated AU$35.9 billion investment illustrates why Australia is the fifth largest ICT market in the Asia-Pacific region, which is in turn the fastest growing IT market in the world. This is not surprising when it includes technology powerhouses like India and South Korea (business.qld.gov.au/).

Once complete, the National Broadband Network will provide internet access to at least 93% of the Australian population, promoting further investment in Information Technology (Wikipedia).
This investment will be especially beneficial to the state of Queensland, where IT is starting to play a critical role in the thriving mining, agricultural and research industries.

Information Technology
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The Queensland ICT industry employs more than 80,000 people and generates AU$29 billion a year in revenue, which is boosted by the fact that a number of big international software providers have a strong presence in the state. This includes the likes of SAP, Oracle, Dhanush InfoTech, Mincom and, of course, Australian enterprise software provider Technology One, whose headquarters are located in Brisbane.


Improved Infrastructure for Emergency and Medical Services
The recent floods that wrought so much damage have only strengthened Queensland’s resolve to improve it the state of its infrastructure is rebuilt stronger. Emergency services have received a boost in ICT investment, providing the means to respond even more efficiently to such occurrences in the future. Water transport is another area receiving attention, which contributes to environmental stability.

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research, which is the largest medical research center in the Southern Hemisphere, naturally requires investment in technology for its innovative projects. According to an article on CIO, the installation of new data storage facilities is an example of the kind of attention that is being given to ICT infrastructure, but the ultimate goal is to advance IT’s capability so that is improves medical procedures and diagnosis. To that end, AU$154 million of the 2001 budget was allocated to the Department of Health for the incorporation of ICT into medical services (itnews.com.au).

Queensland: a World Leader in IT innovation
Meanwhile, the mining industry in Queensland (which is the primary source of the coal and metal exports that are the lynchpin of Australia’s economy) requires software to improve the location and excavation of resources. Sixty per cent of used for this purpose throughout the world is developed in Australia, and Ventyx, which is the company that is primarily responsible for that software, is headquartered in Brisbane.

Queensland is a focal point for Australia’s investment in broadband infrastructure, and if the trend continues, it may soon become a hub for the ICT industry, as well. There will certainly be no shortage of opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

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