Common ITIL Interview Questions for Entry-Level Positions

ITIL Interview

In the dynamic landscape of IT services management, possessing an ITIL Certification Course can significantly enhance your career prospects. Whether you’re a recent graduate or transitioning to a new role, preparing for an ITIL interview is crucial.

Understanding the common ITIL Interview Questions can help you demonstrate your knowledge and readiness for entry-level positions in IT service management. Let’s delve into the essential aspects of ITIL and explore some key questions you might encounter during your interview.


Table of Contents

  • What is ITIL?
  • ITIL Interview Questions
  • Conclusion

What is ITIL?

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of best practices for IT service management (ITSM). It provides a framework for organisations to align their IT services with business needs, improve efficiency, and deliver value to customers. The ITIL certification course offers a structured approach to understanding IT service management concepts, processes, and terminology.

ITIL Interview Questions

  1. What is ITIL, and why is it important in IT service management?
  2. Can you explain the key components of the ITIL service lifecycle?
  3. Describe the differences between incident management and problem management.
  4. How does ITIL contribute to improving the quality of IT services?
  5. What are the main benefits of implementing ITIL in an organisation?
  6. Can you define the roles of service owner, process owner, and process manager in ITIL?
  7. Explain the concept of a service level agreement (SLA) and its significance in ITIL.
  8. How does ITIL address the challenges associated with change management?
  9. What are the stages of the ITIL service lifecycle, and how do they interact with each other?
  10. Discuss the importance of continual service improvement (CSI) in the ITIL framework.
  11. Can you provide examples of ITIL metrics used to measure service performance?
  12. How would you handle a situation where a service level agreement (SLA) is not met?
  13. Describe the purpose and elements of a service catalog in ITIL.
  14. What is the difference between a known error and a problem in ITIL?
  15. How does ITIL support IT governance and compliance requirements?
  16. Discuss the role of the service desk in ITIL and its importance in delivering IT services.
  17. Can you explain the concept of a change advisory board (CAB) and its function in change management?
  18. Describe the steps involved in the ITIL problem management process.
  19. How does ITIL promote collaboration between IT and other business units?
  20. What are the challenges organisations might face when implementing ITIL, and how can they overcome them?


Preparing for an ITIL interview requires a solid understanding of IT service management principles and practices. By familiarising yourself with common ITIL interview questions, you can showcase your expertise and readiness for entry-level positions in ITSM. Remember to emphasise your knowledge of the ITIL framework, practical experience, and problem-solving skills to stand out during the interview process. Good luck!

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