Technology And PR (Public Relations)

Public relations is a tool many businesses have been using for decades in order to ensure our businesses image is seen by the public the way in which we want it to be seen. It’s a great way to ensure that we maintain a great reputation, build solid relationships with the public and other businesses and promote our own business in the mean time. Public relations can be the making of a business. But how has technology effected this age old industry and has it changed it for the better?

Social Media And Public Relations
The growth of social media has greatly changed the way in which PR professionals work. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have become huge marketing tools for nearly every business. Social media is a great tool when it comes to managing reputations. It allows us to interact with the public on a daily basis, offer up information and updates and build relationships. It’s possible that social media is the strongest tool of a PR professional and should always be utilized in PR.

Public Relations
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Prior to social media this level of interaction with the public was not available. The only way in which to do so was via a company’s own website and emails. The sheer level of interaction was just not possible before social media.


PR professionals can also use social media to interact and build relationships with journalists who may be interested in writing for them. I think most PR professionals would agree that social media has definitely changed PR for the better.

Technology PR
Due to the ever increasing amount of companies producing new technologies the need for technology pr was introduced. Technology PR companies specialize in PR for those companies that offer technology based services or produce technology related products. Technology PR companies work for their clients to help build up their brand putting them ahead of their competitors, increasing sales and interest, building a strong reputation and interacting and building relationships through social media. Because of the specialized industry those working in PR are often PR experts with a strong interest in technology.

Technology and PR share an interesting relationship. Technology has helped PR come along in leaps and bounds, but PR is giving back by helping and supporting technology related companies by introducing the specialized area or PR  that is technology PR. It’s a win win in the world of technology and public relations.

Eilidh MacRae works for Eclat a technology PR agency.

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