The HTC One XL- A Great All-Rounder Of A Smartphone

The HTC One XL
Smartphones are usually bought by people who want to connect to the Internet on the go. Business users, students and just about anyone these days know how useful the internet is, and rely on it heavily for information while going about their day. Checking public transport timetables, Internet banking, even checking on the stock market are all popular searches made by people using the mobile facilities a smartphone offers.

It is an amazing technological advancement that has made so many people’s lives just that little bit easier. But with so many different models to choose from; offering so many different features, how will you know which of those handsets is right for you? Well, we feel you couldn’t go far wrong with the HTC One XL.

When choosing a phone it will need to meet several criteria. Does it have all the functions you need it to have? Is it comfortable to use? Can you clearly see the keys and screen? But perhaps the biggest factor will be price. The handset will have to fit into whatever budget you have. The HTC One XL is comes at a really good price for all the features and facilities it has and is affordable for many people.

The HTC One XL
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It has a great design and fits neatly into the hand, although it is a little bulkier than some of the other handsets on the market. The screen is fairly large at 4.7 inches making it easy to read and it is also designed so that no matter what the weather outside the screen remains readable. It is clear to see even if there is glare from the sun which can cause a big problem with a more basic handset.

Using the Phone
The HTC One XL runs on the Android operating system which is considered to be one of the best OS’s available. It is possible to really make this handset your own by customizing and personalizing the screens and features to suit yourself. This means that no two handsets are the same even if your friends and family members have the exact same model the actual features are unique to each user.

One of the best features about the HTC One XL is the camera. It has a massive 8MP resolution and can snap great quality images in seconds. There is no lag when capturing an image which means clearer, sharper pictures each and every time even when snapping a moving object.

Power and Battery
The processor is pretty fast so connecting to the internet on the go is a breeze. There is plenty of storage space, 32 GB, which means music files, videos and photographs can be stored easily. However, one thing that might just let the handset down is its battery life. For anyone surfing the web, listening to music constantly or making calls all day, the battery will not last long and will probably need charging every day, but for lighter mobile phone users the battery should be enough to see you through several days of use.

Is this the Phone for You?
This is the ideal handset for almost every user at a really affordable price.
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