The Top 10 (Pink) Phones For Girls…

If there’s a little girl (or maybe even a big one) in your life, chances are she’s already started pestering for her very own mobile phone. And as much as it might break your heart to see her grow up, it doesn’t have to break your wallet as well. Getting a kid her first mobile phone is kind of a big deal nowadays, so you want to make sure that you do it right. And if she’s a real little girl, there’s nothing that she’ll appreciate more than a pink phone. So here’s our list of the top ten girly phones that are sure to make her happy…

Pink Smartphones

1- The Nokia C3
With a full physical keyboard, this is a great phone for little fingers, who might not be ready for the full touchscreen experience yet. The Nokia C3 is a smart little phone in bright pink that is perfect for a kid’s first phone.

2- The Nokia 800
This is a little pricey for a first phone, but for older girls it’s perfect. Smart, sleek and powerful, it’s got a great camera, it’s hot pink, and it’s great at social networking. Just what she wants.

3- The Blackberry 9300 Curve
Another full keyboard phone that’s much less delicate than a full touch screen and therefore better for small hands. Not quite as cheap as we’d like, but it’s definitely a tough little phone and will survive being dropped a few times. And it’s pink.

4- LG Optimus L3
Not as expensive as the Nokia 800, but still not terribly cheap, the L3 is for older kids. A powerful phone, touch screen, and very smart looking. It comes in pale pink and has fantastic social networking capabilities.

5- The Blackberry 9360 Curve
Another Blackberry. This time maybe a little more advanced than the last. It doesn’t have much memory, but does have an SD card slot so it’s expandable. Plus it has a 5 MP camera, which is pretty good for a phone of this calibre. And of course, it’s hot pink.

6- The Nokia 201
A great first phone. Not too powerful, hot pink, full keyboard, and cheap too. Good for even the younger girls.

7- Samsung Galaxy S II
A pretty expensive phone for a kid, but if your little one is particularly responsible, then you might want to give it a try. Fast, powerful, with an awesome camera, this is a dream phone. And it comes in candy pink.

8- The Samsung S3350
Maybe a better choice for a kid’s phone than the Galaxy, it’s definitely cheaper. It also has a full keyboard and is fuchsia pink.

9- The Sony Xperia U
For older girls only, the Xperia is a great little smart phone. Not the cheapest model on the list, but an excellent bargain considering all its features (including a great camera). And it’s obviously pink.

10- Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Bright pink, sleek, touch screen, and the perfect price too. The Xperia Arc is sure to make even the most demanding little girl smile.

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