2013 Rumored Apple Product Releases
According to several technology industry analysts that include Douglas Clinton and Gene Munster, Apple is set to release 5 new products in 2013. Many people believe that Apple has several new products in the pipeline and that the company develops its gadgets years in advance. So all you “Appleboys” out there, get ready!

Steve Jobs big plan
One of the new products Apple is rumored to be preparing for release is an Apple TV. For some time, the industry has been overflowing with rumors that Steve Jobs left a master plan for developing big screen TVs with ingenious interfaces. This will be a proper television set unlike the TV boxes that Apple users currently operate to download and watch music, movies and TV shows.

Apple Product
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iPad mini, iPad 5 rumored to release this year
Additionally, the company is also thought to be in the process of manufacturing an iPad mini version. This new version is likely to feature a display with a higher resolution than the current one, if industry grapevine talk is believed. This is expected to be an addition to the newly improved versions of the operating systems for the iPad and iPhone. Clinton and Munster believe that the new iOS, which is likely to be named iOS7, will be released in San Francisco during Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference.

Some people also believe that Apple will be releasing its fifth-generation iPad in 2013, despite the fact that they just released the fourth-generation iPad with 128GB storage in 2012. The iPad 5 will have a slightly different shape than the previous versions, but thinner and lighter.

Possibility we’ll see 2 new iPhones
Dan Moren and Lex Friedman, of Macworld, think that this will also be the year when Apple releases

iPhone 5S. Most people believe in this rumor and the company tends to release phones with significant differences every other year, so it may not be such a hot rumor after all. The hottest rumor is Friedman believes Apple will release both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in 2013.

Whether or not all of these predictions fall through is uncertain, but the company is sure to release
some new products this year. As usual, lovers of Apple products will be lining up to grab gadgets as soon as they are released. Most people, though, hope that there will be a few entirely new products and not just mere upgrades.

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