Do You Like My New 50′ Plasma Screen TV? Cost Me An Arm And A Leg

Since the introduction of the coalition government, a lot of “policies” have been instigated that have not had a massive impact on our lives, but more a strain. Their decision to make a ‘U-Turn’ on many of their promises has caused uproar upon the community that is Britain and has even caused a frigid relationship between the two parties with their disagreement over several different key issues. This, unfortunately, has had a negative impact on the way that we live our lives and how we manage our money co-efficiently in order to keep a roof over our heads, to have the ability to get to and from work and to feed ourselves and our families.


The rise in fuel caused much fear upon drivers, especially drivers who embark on long journeys as part of their profession. Prices clocking up to £1.39 a litre for standard fuel and £1.50 a litre on diesel means that wages that are well earned are being liquidised in order to get to work and inevitably ends up with commuters wasting all their money on fuel, that’s without budgeting for rent and food and bills.

Plasma Screen TV
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High street supermarkets are also raising the prices of basic necessities such as bread and milk, so bargain hunters are obsessed with the latest offers and promotions in order to save the precious pennies. Some supermarkets are finding they’re not turning their usual quarterly profit because of the rise in goods in their stores.  This obviously affects families trying to feed their children because there’s simply not enough money to last the month on food and other basic needs.


If, by any stretch of unfortunate luck, anyone in your family becomes ill it becomes increasingly expensive to heal their ailments, with prescribed medication increasing as quickly as every six months, to suffice with the budget cuts on the health reform. Also, if you’re admitted to hospital there is always a fear that you or anyone you know won’t be receiving the top treatment they need because of lack of staff, equipment or funds to develop equipment for vital research.

Household Bills

Every month, the usual household bills are taken out of your account in order for you to remain in the premises you go home to from work. Seems simple, but even paying for bills are becoming more difficult and expensive, with gas rates rising by 15% two years in a row, causing families to swap providers in order for the best rates at the best prices, which can often be a task that’s impossible to complete.

Rent increases when an area becomes overpopulated so they can almost price out the people who can’t afford to keep the rent up and allows room for other families. Either that or they’re simply trying to encourage household owners to purchase their house, which again can be an expensive task.


Constant inflation on prices means there’s no financial stability for you to simply to treat yourself every now and then! Clothes and gadgets are off the table; however, companies do offer an “installation” package, meaning you can pay for your gadgets/items per month. This can be a simple trap to fall into, as they can be sneaky and take the money without your knowledge or permission.

This can dent your self-esteem because you know that you’re prolonged efforts to go to work only end up with you paying for the transport to get to and from work the next month.

Time to Do Something about It

To avoid falling into this very simple trap, see if you can apply for an online payday loan in order for the crucial costs to be covered. It’s quick, simple and easy to pay back on your next pay day.

Jasmin Blunt is a blogger who has a keen interest in finance and politics. Because of the current financial climate, she has noticed an increased rise in the popularity of people applying for an online payday loan to keep them afloat.

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