The popularity of home automation systems is rising. Its ability to increase convenience and ease in homeowners’ lives makes it an option many choose. Home automation is all about using technology to communicate with our homes, making them comfortable and safe, even when we cannot be there. It is a reality people wouldn’t even have considered to be possible just twenty or thirty years ago.

And home automation doesn’t just make a human being’s life easier, either. Attention is also turning towards household pets, and efforts are being made to increase their comfort, as well as their safety. After all, pets often spend hours at home without their busy owners around. In what ways can a home automation system make your home a safer, and more comfortable, place for your pet?

Tilt Video Camera

Mobile App
The mobile app is what appeals to most homeowners about home automation. Simply put, it is an application that allows you to basically control your home while you are away, whether you are just at the office or on a family vacation. You can control most everything in your home with your mobile device such as a Blackberry, Android, iPad, or iPhone. Your pet really benefits from this ability, as you can now increase or decrease the temperature, or unlock the front door to allow a pet sitter in to feed your pet.

Smoke Alarm
The quality smoke alarm increases your pet’s safety. It is set up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The smoke alarm keeps your possessions, including your pet, safe as it keeps track of the temperature in the home and detects drastic rises in that temperature. Of course, it also detects smoke as well. Notifications will then be immediately sent to the homeowner if anything seems wrong. Carbon monoxide alarms are also available to ensure the safety of your little furry friends.

Pan and Tilt Video Camera
Many homeowners really like this feature when it comes to their pets. The Pan and Tilt video camera allows homeowners to watch their pets anywhere in the home. They can view any area in their home in real time. They can position and move the camera to keep track of their pet and its activities. This increases the animal’s safety, as you can know if that animal has gotten stuck or into any trouble. It also allows you to watch the pet-sitter, if you have one. You are able to make sure the pet is being treated well and being fed properly.

These three features of a home automation system really help pet owners out. They no longer have to rush home during lunch or between errands to make sure their pet is safe and comfortable. Now they only need to open their mobile app to watch live “footage” of their animal, check smoke and heat levels, and do pretty much anything else they need to in order to make their pet happy and safe.

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