Need For Speed: From Tongue-Tied Trysts To Motormouth Moments

Communication is a vital part of our daily lives, ensuring that our work and home routines tick along nicely.  The spoken and written word rules our lives and therefore when we are faced with a cracked iPhone screen or broken laptop, it becomes necessary that we get them fixed to reconnect ourselves as soon as possible.

A Smile Says 1000 Words

Without communication, our lives would grind to a halt.  Every day, we communicate with others to get by, not just through words but actions and expressions too.  A simple gesture such as a smile can express a lot more than an entire conversation in some instances.  Contacting each other has evolved over the years, from written letters being taken by couriers on horseback to the smartphones that are now commonplace.

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Even if your cracked iPhone screen is causing you some bother, communication is simply unavoidable on a daily basis.  Daily interaction relies on four types of communication; verbal, non-verbal, formal and informal.   All of these facets of the art serve to let others know of our intentions and feelings, with body language and facial expressions letting our thoughts be known when words will not do the trick.


We all communicate differently with our colleagues than we do with our family and friends, for obvious reasons.  When at work, a certain level of respect and formality is required that we simply do not need when out with friends.  Whichever one of the four you are undertaking, it cannot be denied that communication is an integral part of your life.

Talk to the Hand

However, knowing how important communication is does not always mean we are good at it.  All of us have been in situations where an awkward silence descends out of nowhere and no one wants to be the one to break it.  Firstly, be receptive to what the other person is saying.  Even if they are boring your socks off, keep an open mind and do not shut them out.  This involves having a positive attitude, which is also a good thing to bring to a conversation.

Be generous with your thoughts and people tend to reciprocate; being too critical does not reap any long term good vibes.  Focusing on the positives rather than the negatives will make you a much more fun person to be around.  People are likely to want to stick around have a natter if you have a smile on your face the majority of the time.  It can take a lot of restraint at times, but try not to interrupt the speaker.

We have all experienced the tedium of listening to a long-winded story for the second time around, but keep focused and avoid jumping in.  Give the person a few chances to get their story out, before prompting them gently if they keep up the pattern.  You will both be grateful and the conversation is likely to end a lot more happily than it began.

Look into My Eyes

It is not just what is said that is important, but what is left unsaid.  Maintaining eye contact with the person you are conversing with is important, so that they know you are interested.  You do not need to stare them out, just reassure them with a nod every now and then.  Furthermore, look out for their body language, speed and tone of voice and hand gestures.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.  If you are nervous, try mirroring the person to begin with, to ease you both into the situation.  The next time your cracked iPhone screen has you in a rage, try and remember the benefits of good communication; why not invite your friends over for a chat and test the theories out?

Jann Webb is a freelance writer who enjoys finding ways to communicate more effectively.  She recommends getting your cracked iPhone screen fixed as soon as possible in order not to hamper any future conversations.

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