Are You Addicted To Your HTC Titan?

Smartphone addiction is a very modern phenomenon. We’ve all been there: we head round to a friend’s house for a gossip and a glass of wine, but once the preliminary chit-chat is over, they spend the rest of the evening engrossed in their smartphone, checking emails and Facebook updates rather than talking to us. It’s rude and impolite, but they still do it because they are addicted to their smartphone.

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Is Smartphone Addiction A Recognised Condition?

We are all slaves to our smartphones to some degree, particularly if we use them for work and we feel the need to be constantly on top of emails and other work related communications. But if you suspect your behaviour is bordering on the obsessive, you are in the grip of a full-on smartphone addiction and you need to take steps to address the problem before it causes too many negative repercussions in your personal life.


5 Signs You Have A Smartphone Addiction

  1. The first thing you do in the morning is check your HTC Titan for new emails and messages from friends. Only once you have read everything and satisfied your thirst for information do you jump in the shower or make a cup of tea.
  2. You take your HTC Titan everywhere – to the toilet and even into the bath, despite the fact you dropped two previous phones into the toilet bowl.
  3. You walked into a tree only the other day because you were so busy sending a text message you failed to spot the obstruction in your path.
  4. When you misplace your phone, you end up suffering from the symptoms of an anxiety attack – racing heart, nervous sweats, and a sense of impending doom.
  5. Your take your HTC Titan to bed every night and would rather check your email than engage with your other half.

How To Beat Your Addiction

If your HTC Titan is more important than life itself, it is time to take the necessary steps to beat your addiction.

  • Recognise that you have a problem – denial is never a good thing, so if others tell you your behaviour is borderline obsessive, listen to them and do something about it.
  • Try and limit how often you use your HTC Titan – instead of taking it everywhere, leave it behind when you go out for dinner with friends or family. And always turn it off at night.
  • Consider going back to a simple phone that only makes calls and sends text messages. Keep emails on a work laptop or stick to surfing the internet on a tablet. Creating boundaries for usage can be helpful for those who are attached to their smartphone via an invisible umbilical cord.

How To Tell Others They Have A Smartphone Addiction

Not everyone wants to hear that their behaviour is unacceptable, so if you have a friend who frequently ignores you in favour of their phone or your other half would rather look at their iPhone than you in some sexy lingerie, you need to broach the subject carefully. Try asking them gently to concentrate on you when you are together, particularly if you are out socially: making them feel guilty may just do the trick.

Rachel LeMonnier loves her HTC Titan smartphone, but she is sensible enough not to spend every waking moment checking it. Unfortunately, however, her husband is not as thoughtful and they recently came to blows when she told him he had to choose between his phone and her.

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