How To Grab The Best Airport Parking (It’s Not Where You Think)

With air travel being an important part of continental travel these days, more and more people are seeking ways to ease the stress or otherwise reduce costs associated with the to and fro that comes with it. Most of us know the feeling of pulling up to the gates of the airport and seeing the ridiculously expensive fees associated with leaving your car unprotected and often exposed to the elements on a slab of asphalt, and it is not a good feeling to say the least. Fortunately, a new business model of off-site airport parking has emerged that is generally cheaper, more secure and more technologically adept than the traditional options – who could say no to that?

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Scoping Out the Choices

It is a fool who makes a reservation at the first parking solution he or she comes across – don’t let this happen to you. Often, the most prominently featured parking solutions will be the most expensive, so it is a great idea to shop around prior to making any commitments. Unlike traditional airport parking, you can actually enjoy a competitive environment when utilising off-site parking services and are able to find the best solution for you at the lowest price. A quick Google search in your area will reveal all similar services, so there is really no excuse to not finding the best solution for your needs.


Making Online Reservations
In years past, you either had to call the parking service prior to arriving or you could simply show up and hope that space was available. In the age of modern technology, however, that is no longer the case. Many off-site parking services offer both web and app-based solutions to securing a reservation; you can decide the number of days you will need parking services, arrange a shuttle service and even pay online without having to present your credit card to anyone or scoping out the site in person. Particularly for those who travel constantly, services like these can be a godsend.

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Determining Location

When parking directly at the airport, you are supposedly paying for convenience – direct access to your vehicle without having to worry about getting from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and getting to your car even if it is parked on-site can take time and cause unwarranted frustration. Off-site parking offers an array of amenities such as being close to other points of interest or lodging accommodations, all the while being much cheaper on average than traditional airport parking. A quick web search when comparing choices will also outline which services are closest to the amenities you need most.

Included Services
If you were to park at an off-site airport lot and had to transport all of your luggage to the airport itself, then that would not be a good deal, now would it? Fortunately, virtually all off-site parking facilities offer shuttle services in addition to an array of other perks. Through the use of mobile technology and tracking, many places will load your baggage on and off the shuttle for you, and even have your car warmed/cooled and ready to go prior to your return.

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