5 Top Digital Cameras To Look For In 2013

The digital camera market is growing exponentially these days, and looks like the boom of this market is not going to slow down any time soon. The high demand of digital cameras has made manufacturers compete for the best possible quality of product with immense features. Top  manufacturers around the globe are releasing more and more fresh models one after another to keep up with the demand of features from consumers. The consumers are also getting pretty educated in the knowledge of cameras and their features.

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5 Top Digital Cameras To Look For In 2013
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There are thousands of cameras available in the market, but there are always few products that are better than others and hence they dominate the market completely. 
In this article, we are going to discuss 5 Digital Cameras that you should keep your eye on, in 2013. If we talk about which brand is most popular in cameras, than Canon is the winner hands down. According to a survey, 33% of total sold cameras in US are of Canon. Nikon is second with a market share of 26%.
If we talk about which kind of cameras is selling the most, than, DSLR cameras are the winner due to the high quality snaps they are able to capture. There is a huge demand of DSLR cameras in the market in 2013, and that’s why they are the most expensive ones out there. The other two preferred types are “Point and Shoot” and “Mirror less Camera”.
Here are the five cameras to look for in 2013,
1-Our first camera to look for in 2013 is Power Shot ELPH 300 HS. Its prominent features include: 12.1 MP CMOS sensor. The sensor of this camera is much faster because of this modern sensor, also its potential to capture high quality images even in low light makes it stand out of the crowd.
2-Second camera to look for is PowerShot S100, you must have heard about this. It is one of the most advanced cameras with compact features and ease of use. One of its major features is Manual Exposure Modes, Full HDD Video option, Fast Lens and subject detection. It saves the images in JPEG and Raw extensions.
3-Third Camera in our list is: PowerShot SX40 HS. Amazingly this camera has a 35x zoom feature with 2.7 inch of adjustable display with an option of HDD video recording. Its price is relatively cheaper even though it is of normal size, which makes it a perfect choice for many. Its high speed shooting modes allow perfect capturing in both fast and slow motions.
4-On the fourth spot is: Nikon’s 1 J1, it is a relatively smaller camera with a sensor of 10.1 MP. It also has the ability to capture HDD videos along with various other features as well. As Nikon puts it, this camera offers the fastest autofocus system in the whole world.
5-Last in our list is PowerShot SX130 IS, it has many features that have made it to be included in this list, like: face and motion detection, HD Video, intelligent contrast, Zoom and smart autofocus.
Hop you liked the list and that this list would come in real handy for you If you look to buy a new Digital Camera for professional or personal work in 2013.

Jake is a professional photographer and a part time blogger who regularly uses his gopro camera and accessories during his adventure expeditions across the alps.


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