These days, everyone seems to have a smartphone ready for taking photos at a moment’s notice. Rarely, if ever, do you find people using their digital cameras to capture their favourite memories and share them with their friends and family online, whether through sites like Flickr and Instagram or Facebook and Twitter. This is because smartphones are now capable of taking high quality photographs with the tap of a button.

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 HTC Radar
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Many advanced smartphones come with 8-megapixel and higher cameras that rival some of the new digital cameras on the market. And smartphones are much less expensive and come with a host of other important everyday features, like access to the internet and the ability to make phone calls, of course. So with such a great all-in-one device, why would you bother carrying more equipment than necessary in your pockets or purse?

The HTC Radar is a Windows-based phone from a reputable manufacturer that comes stocked with a camera that’s perfect for storing all of your memories and sharing them with loved ones. Read on to find out what exactly this mobile phone’s camera has to offer in terms of features, and where it may fall short if you are looking for a real replacement for your digital camera.

Low Megapixels, High Quality Photos

Even though the camera on the HTC Radar is lower in megapixels than other smartphones on the market, coming in at just 5 megapixels, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the images that this camera takes. Compared to other Windows mobile phones, the camera on the HTC Radar is actually pretty great, although if you are really looking for a superb camera on your smartphone, you may have to look at higher end HTC models or opt for smartphones from other high quality brands, such as Samsung.

Wide Aperture and Colour Balance

One of the features that allows the 5-megapixel camera on the HTC Radar to take such great shots is its ability to go down to an f2.2 aperture, meaning that its lens opens wide and is able to allow a lot of light into it. Even in low-light situations and dimly lit settings, you can get a good photo without flash. When it comes to balanced and saturated colours, the HTC Radar’s camera also comes out strong.

Focusing with the HTC Radar

The camera on the HTC Radar does come with a built-in flash, perfect for all situations, especially dark settings, when you would need to have extra light to make the shot come out clearly and beautifully. This extra light helps the camera to focus, especially since this camera does not have an autofocus illuminator. Once the autofocus feature does have enough light, however, it works very well.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a budget smartphone and the HTC Radar has caught your eye, the camera on this phone is certainly a great built-in feature that can work just as well as the cameras on more expensive smartphones.

Laura Ginn likes to use her HTC Radar and other smartphones to capture her favourite everyday moments as well as take photos with friends and family at special occasions. Whenever she is in the market for a new mobile phone, she searches for the best deal at

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