Since the GPS devices had been
released to the market about 10 years ago it had gradually gained the
popularity and GPS watches is one of the most popular devices. Those who enjoy
exercise and jog around the off the beaten track specially found them very
useful. These watches had enabled them to keep track of the routes they had
taken and all sorts of other statistics of their exercises.

Even though the GPS watch is a
small device it is very powerful and the athletes and those who like to be keep
fit  find it very useful to evaluate
their personal performances.

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GPS devices
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Once you configure certain features of the watch
one would be able to track loads of information about their physical activities
such as the duration of the activity, the speed, pace, the distance of
travelling. Some watches have the ability to save the route taken by the user
in three dimensions.

The athletes always wanted to know
about the routes they are taking, the elevation, the speed, heart rate. There
was no equipment to provide this information before. Only one could settle for
some of the requirements.  For instance
back in the day the athletes used a stopwatch to calculate their speed. But
they would get to know that only at the end of the activity. But when the GPS
watch is used one can know the speed real time.

And if the speed is low you can
accelerate your running to keep up with the required speed you need for the
activity. Also heart rate is a very important indicator of the status of the
body functions of the athlete. Now there are GPS watches that can monitor the
heart rate provide the required information.

Another very important feature  of the GPS watch is its ability to be linked
to a computer. That way all the data recorded during the physical activities
can be uploaded to the computer. So the recorded data can be used for
comparison with the future records and do all kinds of required analysis.

There are 12 GPS satellites around
the earth and a GPS watch uses at least 4 satellites to provide the output of a
particular position.  There is no
subscription fee used for utilizing the GPS signals and anyone anywhere in the
world can have these signals as the input for any GPS enabled equipment.  GPS watches indicate the readings regardless
of the condition of the environment, the time of the day and where in the
world. But there are some cases the GPS readings may not be completely accurate
due to certain situations. Sometimes the GPS signals can be blocked by high
risers, forests etc. It is considered the GPS receivers are in general quite
accurate within 15 metres.

Now there are many types of GPS
watches to choose from. There are particular watches specially designed for the
professional athletes. Also  there are
GPS watches made for the average person who likes to keep healthy and fit.

Also there are watch cradles
introduced recently that make the use of GPS watch more useful. These cradles
enhance the GPS power and make it more useful than ever!
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