Introducing Telepathy One – Google Glass’ Competitor

Now that the smartphone has become a common trend, inventors have taken them to the next level: wearable computers. Come 2013, many companies have announced wearable gadgets which can be synchronized with your smartphone. The mogul Google also has plans to launch Google Glass, a wearable computer which allows you to view your information in a hands-free format and use the internet by typing commands or instructing it with your voice. However, despite everything Google’s doing to release its latest innovation, it already has a competitor: Telepathy One.

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Introducing Telepathy One - Google Glass' Competitor
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If this is the first time you’re hearing about Telepathy One, you probably haven’t been watching techie news so closely. However, you’re in luck because the following lines are going to introduce you to this new Japanese gadget.

is Telepathy One?

Telepathy One is the offering of Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi. According to his statements, it is his way of allowing people to see from the eyes of another. Expected to launch around Christmas 2013, which is around the time Google Glass will also hit the market, Telepathy One’s creators claim that they aren’t planning to compete with Google’s gadget. However, since their price is lower than that of Google Glass, there may be little truth in that statement.

Telepathy One
Image Credit: startup-dating

Anyway, back to Telepathy One’s specs, it is a wearable headset that comes with a built-in camera and a microdisplay just like Google Glass. It can take pictures and stream video through the onboard headset to your social contacts. In addition, it allows you to view their comments just like the Google Hangout feature in Google Glass. However, unlike Glass, how Telepathy One records, streams, saves or shares videos is yet to be shared. Video aside, the device features ear buds that you can wear to listen to sounds.

Google Glass VS Telepathy One

Even if Telepathy One isn’t planning to compete with Google Glass, this doesn’t put an end to the constant comparisons made between both devices. Some of the biggest differences found between both wearable computers are:

Google Glass VS Telepathy One
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FunctionalityGoogle Glass’ functions have proven to be better than Telepathy One’s. This is because the former offers augmented reality among other specs. However, One’s core functionality is sharing experiences through social networks in real time with people over distances. Iguchi states, “You feel the love when your loved one is standing beside you.” Therefore, expecting more from this app won’t be right. 

DesignWhere Telepathy One lacks in functionality it makes up in style. Many have praised the device’s sleek design, which is also light and ease to use. In addition, One’s optical device is designed to not interfere with intimacy, so you don’t have to worry about greeting other friends or the object of your affections while wearing this device.

Built-In AppsThe amount of apps included with Telepathy One are limited and there is no information yet as to what users can expect. Besides, according to Iguchi, third party apps are out of the question for One but may be available for Telepathy Two when the device’s API becomes available. However, for now, one of the fun apps you may enjoy is the Manga Camera App. Through this, users can convert live pictures into Japanese cartoon photos instantly. If you enjoy manga or anime, this is definitely a feature you’ll like.

PriceTelepathy One may still get bonus points because it’s less expensive than the $1500 Google Glass. However, this is completely understandable since the device lacks Google’s apps and comprehensive functionality.

Not much information is yet available on Telepathy One, especially with its release data being so far away. However, keep visiting often to find out more information.

Final Verdict

Most people are skeptical of Telepathy One because of its humble beginnings. However, there’s still a chance that what was shown in the latest IT exhibitions was just a working prototype that aims at garnering people’s views and opinions. Besides, there’s a chance that the cheaper price will attract a younger crowd that focuses more on social interaction rather than step-by-step directions and Google Plus support. Therefore, it’s still too early for anyone to rule it out just yet.

So, keep posted for more updates on both Google Glass and its recent rival Telepathy One.

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