One Guy Proved Ads Are Not Taking Over Your Facebook Feed

Have you heard people complaining that ads are taking over Facebook? Maybe you even feel like the ads are getting a little out of hand yourself? Or maybe you’re a marketer and you’re frustrated with Facebook users accusing you of spam or complaining about your ads. We’ve all got to make a living somehow, right?

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Well, it might seem like Facebook ads are taking over your Facebook feed but in actuality, they are not. You don’t have to take my word for it, though, because this guy proved it. Rob Leathern, CEO of Optimal — a Facebook ad buyer — decided to audit his own Facebook news feed.
His audit found that while he likes more brands than the average user, promotional posts and commercial content still filled only a small portion of his overall posts in the newsfeed. In fact, his audit showed that only 16% of the posts in his feed were from brands and of those, only 3% were paid ads. Everything else in his feed was from actual friends.


His organic posts were 4x more likely than sponsored posts and his friends outnumbered brands by 84:16. Now of course there are different factors that come into play- such as how much engagement he had with those 150 or so brands and how much engagement he has with his nearly 1,000 friends but all in all, this is a pretty good indication that Facebook ads are not taking over the Facebook feed.

I tried it for myself and did a similar audit on my own account and the results were basically the same. I have over 2,000 friends and I have liked over 1,500 brands and pages and I still saw friend content at a much higher rate than brand/sponsored content.

Good for Customer and Marketer
Now this is actually good news both for the customer and the marketer because when ads start taking over the network, there is a good chance people in your target market will quit using it or ignore the ads altogether. It’s actually beneficial to the marketer that only a small percentage of the posts in a user’s feed are promotional. This increases the chance that they will pay attention when you do send a promotional post or ad out there in the news feed. And it’s good for the customer because they are more likely to see things they are actually interested in and not be overwhelmed with promotional content.

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