Technology of the Future

Technology and Productivity
A fundamental component that drives our economy is continued improvement in technology. These improvements allow individual workers to provide more output with the same level of investment. They also allow companies to make capital investments that replace or lower ongoing costs of production. As a result, consumers are able to expect more service and lower costs in many areas of their lives.

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Technological improvements provide many changes to almost every industry. With the growth in the trucking industry, fleet tracking (such as Blue Sky Network) and driver management is one area that has benefited substantially from these changes. With computers, satellites and the Internet, there is a new level of efficiency that allows activities such as fleet tracking to be viewed in real time. This greatly improves the process of manual tracking that was used by truckers for decades. Continued improvements will make the process even more beneficial to everyone.


Other areas of the business world will continue to be enhanced as investments in technology continue to provide a multitude of ways to improve basic work practices. One glimpse into the technologies of the future is the rapidly growing impact of cloud computing and the use of software as a service. These capabilities show that things like analysis of “big data” will provide new and exciting abilities to manage our everyday lives.

An example of this use of big data and the cloud is the growing impact of information from the growing use of smart utility meters. The energy companies have created an enternet that allow them to better analyze and utilize the national energy grid based on the millions of data points collected from the meters.

Seeing the Future
One challenge for businesses is to properly assess the direction of technologies of the future and how they will ultimately be incorporated into existing systems. Guessing wrong can be a very expensive mistake. Currently, companies are dealing with the unanticipated move to mobile computing. The PC has suddenly fallen out of favor as tablets and smartphones become the popular tools for accessing corporate servers.

These same companies grapple with the growing implications of social media and the rapidly changing perspectives on customer relationship management. Staying on top of current technology is an essential part of preparing for the future.
While it has proven nearly impossible to predict the direction of technology and its applications, it is easy to foresee the continued impact on the world of business. The challenge is to stay up with practical uses that improve work flow and productivity.

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