Top 5 Social Recruiting Websites On The Internet

We live in a truly modern world. Those who are looking to find their place in the professional world or advance their careers would be very well served to embrace the tools and resources in this highly technological landscape, especially those found online. Some of the invaluable Internet resources that can be utilized are social recruiting websites.

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Top 5 Social Recruiting Websites On The Internet
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These websites offer a great platform for employers and employees and cannot only serve to put your information out there for a wide net of potential employers to view but also serve companies and business who are seeking new talent to join their team – this could be you. Of course, there are many social recruiting websites on the Internet and not all are created equally. To help you decide which of these websites would best serve you and your professional needs, here are the Top 5 Social Recruiting Websites on the Internet:


1. LinkedIn
LinkedIn, a professional networking website founded in 2002, is one of the most established and recognized names on the social recruiting scene. It allows users to list their professional history, skills, and contacts on the Internet, serving essentially as an online CV or resume. It is very widely used by recruiters and employers to screen for potential new employees. It is also at the forefront of social recruiting. A new offering from this company is the LinkedIn Talent Pipeline. This feature allows recruiters to manage end-to-end interactions of their entire pool of candidates throughout the process of recruiting, including both social and business activity.

2. SmartRecruiters
SmartRecruiters is a free application and takes advantage of cloud-based technology – allowing recruiters to track applicants at no cost through the cloud. It also interfaces seamlessly with top social networking website Facebook, allowing recruiters to post job listings on Facebook with a simple click of a button.

3. GetHired
GetHired provides users a highly streamlined and efficient social recruiting experience. The website provides applicant tracking, social recruiting, and pre-screening questionnaires within its single Internet platform. Companies who use GetHired are able to complete a wide array of recruiting tasks, from posting jobs and managing applications to searching online and video resumes scheduling job interviews. Since this single website provides ease and efficiency for companies, it would behoove those seeking professional advancement to have their information posted on GetHired.

4. BeKnown
Like SmartRecruiters, BeKnown is free for employers and is’s Facebook application interface, providing a good incentive for companies to utilize this website as part of their recruiting process. BeKnown’s affiliation with Monster makes it highly reputable in the professional world, while its Facebook interface makes it incredibly user-friendly for both job seekers and companies. This is because Facebook provides a wide net, while BeKnown allows users to separate their social and professional networking completely.

5. Monster Social Recruiting Solutions
Another professional recruiting tool offered by Monster, this website provides custom company profiles on Facebook and Twitter, a Monster job feed to the pages, as well as an employee referral application.

make use of these growing social recruiting platforms in your job search and you will be amazed at how great you would appreciate it.

This article is written by Simon Oakley, a consultant in technology and social recruiting. His other passion is helping fresh graduates start their careers in South Africa

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