What’s The Difference Of Playing Games On A Triple Monitor Setup?

Playing games on a single monitor now seem to be something belonging to a bygone era. With many exciting and thrilling options available to gamers, they now want nothing but the best. So to get that ultimate gaming experience, gamers can now connect three and more monitors together to play their favorite PC games. With costs of computer hardware decreasing and more powerful graphics cards being available at cheaper costs, it seems that gaming is not what it used to be.
We all know the saying “no pain, no gain”; this is slightly true for enjoying a great gaming experience too. Having a multi-monitor setup requires a certain amount of effort from the gamer. This is because gamers will have to acquire certain accessories like the triple monitor stand or an active adapter in order to successfully have a multi-display. Also, setting it up may require you to rely on different software like the Eyefinity technology by AMD graphics, which is specifically made to help gamers set up multiple monitors simultaneously.
Playing Games On A Triple Monitor Setup?
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For those who are still using single monitors to play their games and are planning to cross the threshold of multi-display gaming, there are some things that they need to understand and learn. Continue reading to know all there is know about setting up triple monitor setups and being able to enjoy your gaming experience to the max.
The Cons
The Graphics Processing Unit Heats Up
When you attach more than one display monitor together, you should know that your GPU will work extra hard to give you the best quality of graphics. For that reason, it is imperative that you have a good GPU. In case you don’t, you will find that your GPU will easily heat up and this may cause it to malfunction or even stop working permanently.
The Cost
When you are increasing the number of monitors from one to three, then it goes without saying that the cost will inadvertently increase. So, you should be prepared to spend some big bucks when setting up triple monitors.  Also, in many cases, your GPU or the graphics processing unit will not be able to help you play games on multi-display. For that reason, you may have to get a new graphics card, which will increase your expenditure even more.
Some More Considerations
Having a single monitor means that you only have to tinker with one monitor at a time when you are playing. When you get three monitors it will increase the amount of tinkering and adjustments that you will have to do with your monitors. For instance, you will have to get monitors that have a very thin line of the bezel. Moreover, they all should have the same resolutions so that the gaming experience is not affected by uneven graphics.
Though there some difficulties involved in start playing on triple monitor setup, there are also many benefits of using a triple monitor setup.
The Benefit Of Wide Scale Displays
The multi-display option that comes with three monitors is an unbelievable experience. Also, there are many companies that now offer cheaper models through which they can enjoy a triple monitor display. For instance, there are monitors by Viewsonic that you can get for as cheap as $150; they support 1920×1080 on their elaborate 22-inch displays.
Plethora Of Games On Triple Monitor Display
There are many wonderful games available on the market that can be run on multi display monitors. You can go to many websites, such as the Wide Screen Gaming Forum, which offers gamers huge lists of all the games that can be played on multi-display setups. 
Easy To Set Up
Setting up a three monitor display is incredibly easy. It does indeed seem difficult, but the fact is, anyone can easily set it up. All you have to do is go through some tutorials and programs that are available online. Programs like the Flawless widescreen are ideal for setting up three monitor displays.
In summation, it can be said that triple monitor setup display may seem like a difficult endeavor, it is not actually too complicated. It can be enjoyed by almost everyone who has the appropriate hardware and software for setting it up. Playing games on a wider scale have its own share of delights and can be a unique experience for every gamer out there.
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