3 IPhone Apps That Change Everyday Tasks

Let’s talk apps. Everything we do is all oriented around apps. Even communication is based on apps and the iPhone. Apple really changed the game when they released the iPhone and the app store exploded. I think we are nearing almost 800,000 apps available to download? That’s nuts! Here are some of the apps that make the pen and paper seem primitive.

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3 IPhone Apps That Change Everyday Tasks
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1. Paper
How ironic, the app called paper is actually a good tell to what technology is moving towards. Everything is being digitized. Remember going to Wal-Mart or Walgreens to getting your pictures printed? Yeah, I forgot about that too. We take pictures and not only do we never print them out, most of the time we don’t even use actual physical storage (that we own anyway) to store our photos. Cloud storage is pushing this system that will do away with maybe even physical hard drives.


That’s absolutely nuts to think about. Paper is very simple and so beautiful. It senses how fast your strokes are and essentially draws for you. You have multiple “notebooks” within the app and have the option to buy more if you wanted. It’s an artist dream if they ever had trouble keeping up with their creations!

2. Evernote
Remember college? Are you in college right now? Remember going through college and carrying books? Well, the books weren’t so bad (Yes they were, we’ll talk about it later). It’s the notes that were so hard to keep up and made anyone look so messy. Evernote saves the day! We simply have to write all our notes in a simple and sleek interface that gets pushed to (again…) cloud storage in Evernote’s network and then gets pushed back to every other device we have signed into the account. How amazing is that?

So if I type some notes on my laptop during class, and leave my laptop in the car or at a friend’s house, it’s no big deal. I can just look it up on my iPad! Here’s the kicker… 100% Free!

3. Alarm.com
The days of just having a guard dog or putting a fence up around your home to stop burglary are over. Those are dated ways of dealing with crime in your home. Believe it or not criminals are getting technologically advanced when it comes to how they break into your home. There are criminals that simply run by your house and turn on a signal that render dogs still because of the high frequency it emits. Even fences don’t stop criminals from getting in.

What does make criminals scared or less likely to enter your home? That answer is simply: alarm systems. There are some that not only send out a huge sounding alarm but also call the cops for you. That’s pretty big! What if you are out of town? The company calls you first to alert you if you don’t pick up they automatically they then call the cops immediately.

That’s how technology is making our lives not only easier but a lot safer. It makes the past seem so lame, doesn’t it?

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