Cameras Over The Years

Cameras have certainly come a long way over the last few decades! Back in the day when I was young, I remember an old friend of my grandfathers, who I guess you could probably say was an elderly “geek”, used to keep me and my brother enthralled with all his old models of cameras. We used to run off with them and pretend we were old school journalists – what was really interesting about these old cameras is how you really had a glimpse at all the inner mechanics of the instrument, whilst these days most of what goes on inside the camera are hidden to the naked eye.

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Cameras over the years
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We were also fascinated with his video camera that at the time was the latest in cutting-edge technology. We even still have some grainy old footage of him interviewing us while we all look a little perplexed at what is going on!


At that time it was inconceivable that all this functionality would be able to be compressed into something so small as your typical smartphone. Now that smartphones are capable of capturing, storing and manipulating both images and video as well as being able to share them on the web pretty much instantaneously, one might wonder why anyone would bother actually buying a stand-alone compact digital camera. Well, for starters, most cameras on smartphones don’t deal with shooting images in the dark too well. Digital cameras are a step up from this, although, for proper flash photography, one would probably want to start considering digital SLR cameras, or DSLR for short.

Another reason why the digital camera is still preferable over the smartphone is that they normally have optical zoom functionality – meaning that when the user zooms in using the viewfinder, they won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of picture quality.

Digital SLRs also give you the advantage of being able to use different lenses. This gives you more options, whether you prefer a wide-angle lens or something with powerful zoom capabilities. Lenses can really cost a lot though, so this range of photography usually only appeals to professionals. The price point of this kind of equipment also means it’s quite difficult to travel with, as one always has to make sure they’re insured and kept as safe as possible. An interesting suggestion that has been made when traveling with this kind of expensive equipment is to actually even purchase a starting pistol and declare this to your airline before embarking on a flight! The thinking behind this is that the airline then has an obligation to make sure that your equipment is kept under close observation for the duration of the flight.

Becoming a proficient photographer can lead to some quite lucrative and exotic work. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take pictures of beautiful models or be sent on assignments to photograph exotic locations? Obviously, these opportunities won’t be available to all, but there is always the possibility of selling one’s photos on stock image websites in exchange for royalties.

Looking at recent developments, one of the most interesting capabilities of cameras is the ability to take not only panoramic pictures but to actually stitch together entire 360-degree colleges, which you can then share on the web. These are extremely useful to show off on real estate websites for example.

We have recently had a glimpse of what the future might hold in terms of cameras with the introduction of Google Glass. It may be that cameras of the future will be wearable rather than something that you have to carry a bag for.

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