Thieves Don’t Play Fair -So Why Should We?

Nowadays it seems that more and more individuals are taking the law into their own hands when it comes to taking what is not rightfully theirs. We have to spend more and more just to keep these low lives away from our cars and family homes. Have you ever wished that we could have a little more leeway regarding the methods that we are allowed to employ? Don’t you feel a little sick when you hear about a family man who confronted a burglar and managed to overpower him, and he ended up going to prison for attacking the intruder? This article looks at some anti-theft devices that go the extra mile, they may not be legal but we can dream!

Thieves Don't Play Fair -So Why Should We?
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Car-Jacker’s Nightmare!

We’ll get the ball rolling with this beauty that is now totally legal in South Africa, and it is known as the ‘Blaster’. Essentially the car is equipped with a legal flame throwing device that is set off by the occupant should he be threatened with a car-jacking. The way that this works is by using liquefied gas that is contained in the car’s trunk, and this is then ignited by an electrical spark at the command of the driver. The flames can kill a human in minutes as they are also doused in the gas prior to being set alight.


The flames can be altered to shoot out sideways or back and forth, depending on the proximity of the car-jackers. There are several issues with this device and you need to be really sure that the targets are indeed car-jackers and not just pushy parking attendants! There is a real problem in South Africa with car-jacking and hundreds of innocent people are murdered each year. We love this product but are fairly sure your local police will take a dim view to you creating a few human torches on the way to work every morning!

A Shocking Welcome !

You have probably heard of the ‘Safe Room’, well the Jodie Foster movie certainly gave this idea a lot of free advertising via the silver screen. Some folk in South Africa had a different take on this clever idea and the results were smoking hot, quite literally. If you are broken into repeatedly and no matter what steps you take to improve your security, they just break in again, then you will probably consider more extreme measures. This is exactly what happened to one frustrated soul over in the land of Springboks. He had been robbed so often that he decided to take matters into his own hands, it was so bad that he could not even get home insurance!

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All of his windows and external doors we impossible to get through and burglars were now using his roof as a means of access. So he decided to lay down steel mesh in the roof loft and connected this to a live power supply. Needless to say, the burglars ended up being human toast and the poor chap ended up getting a prison sentence for his efforts! It just goes to show that when you are driven to these types of extremes there is only one thing to do – Emigrate!

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There are two examples of extreme gadgets that will surely be effective, but please do not try this at home, because it will certainly backfire in more ways than one!

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