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Dropbox has a few neat tricks up its sleeve, it can automatically save backups of any photos and videos you shoot to your Dropbox account, and you can use it to sync important files between your devices, including your desktop computer, as well as share files with other users. A free account comes with 2GB of storage, and you can ‘earn’ up to 3GB more with referrals. Another neat feature Dropbox allows you to share you documents and photo’s with your friends.

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5 Must Have Utilities For Smartphones
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Can’t figure out where all of your mobile data went? Onavo Extend will tell you exactly where it nicked off to by breaking usage down by app and activity. But the real magic of Onavo Extend comes in its ability to stretch your data plan by up to five times, which it does by compressing all of your data downloads. Data plans can be expensive in some regions and if you pay as per usage then this App will certainly help and the great thing is there is no charge for this App. Roaming users and iPhone SIM only users bought here should certainly consider Onavo extend.

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If you’re using Chrome as the go-to web browser on your desktop already, using the mobile client is a no-brainer. It can sync all of your bookmarks, passwords and omnibox data from other devices running Chrome, and it will even open up the same browser tabs so you can continue the same browsing session on any device.

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Despite a handful of copycats on the market, the original ‘continuous typing’ keyboard is still going strong, with a bunch of new features that personalise the experience and make input a lot faster, If you’re not familiar with Swype yet, it’s an advanced predictive keyboard that enables you to type whole words without lifting your finger off the screen.

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Automatelt is one of those brilliant apps that really demonstrate the strength of the Android platform, The powerful set of triggers and actions enable you to automate various tasks on your smartphone or tablet, such as putting the ringer on mute every night when you go to bed, and opening the Skype app whenever your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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