the heavy-duty protection front is the Otter Box Armor Series. With its metal
hinges and gun-metal colouring, this is certainly a case that feels military
standard. Indeed it does meet US Military Standards and can survive two tonnes
of crush, as well as diving beyond 6 feet underwater. 
The hinges lock the back
cover in place, securing your device safely, with internal rubber bumpers on
the sides and back to cushion your iPhone. The bold color choice brings some
style to this very industrial piece of design.

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Best Accessories To Protect And Accompany Your Devices
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you’re looking for something to give your iPhone 5 full-bodied protection then
the Ballistic is worth some of your time. There are two main parts to this
case: Firstly, a rubber trimmed plastic shell, complete with front screen
protector, which completely encases your phone without adding excessive bulk or

Then there is a further clip-on case that can be clipped to your belt
as well as adding another layer of protection. The built-in kickstand is a nice
touch for when it comes to the less extreme media watching.
of a fashion statement than anything else, this lightweight case is designed to
give your device protection from the inevitable scratches and drops that it
will be exposed to when you’re out and about. 

The clip on back cover gives full
access to all your iPhone 5’s buttons, as well as the camera lens and headphone
jack. There’s nothing revolutionary in terms of physical design here, but the
aesthetics are certainly a sight to behold. This is the case for those who love
labels and want to be noticed.
aim for these headphones was clearly to be lightweight and minimalistic, and
that is something that has been impeccably achieved by the designers at Swedish
company JAYS. Whether this means sacrificing some aspects of audio performance
is another matter, however. 

While the v-JAYS are impressively understated,
anyone sat next to you on the bus or train will be able to hear as much of your
music as you do because of amount of sound leakage – so you might well get some
nasty looks. You also never get past the fact that these look and feels like
you might have got them from a flight somewhere.
is quite an interesting-looking speaker to say the least. The Libratone Zipp
comes with a coat made of Italian wool, available in a range of colours to suit
your preference, to really make it stand out. The sound comes from all angles,
so this a 360-degree audio experience and the quality is very good. 

Since the
Zipp has built-in AirPlay, you can connect directly to it via Wi-Fi and enjoy
your favourite tracks wirelessly wherever you are. There’s even an attached
strap making it very trendy so you can carry the speaker anywhere, making a
statement wherever you go.

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