Top 5 Things Wrong With Your Google Adwords Campaign

As we always precede with the common website
and social media mistakes, time has finally come to highlight all the typical
Google Adwords Campaign error that might cost your single penny very precious
than before and can literally cost you thousand of dollars even more than you
can actually imagine. Maintaining a good adwords campaign is certainly not that
much tough but all you need to do is to be careful of these adwords mistakes
often being committed by PPC managers.

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Hence, take a look at the most common adwords
errors often being committed:
1: Choosing the wrong set of Keywords:
Well, this is the common idea of most
advertisers that having countless keywords in their campaign doesnot actually
harms. But if you look at the basic logic, then it true that this is a false
logic that many ppc advertisers have based upon. First of all, having too any
unrelated keywords can bring your overall campaign down which in turn can
proved to be very expensive to generate the same amount of results if you wish
to. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the most appropriate and related
keywords in your campaign so that it helps your visitors to get the most
relevant search results using those keywords in the search term.  For example: If you are using “brochure design
services” as the search term then related results would show as brochure design
company or brochure design services or affordable brochure design services.
Then your ads might get some probable clicks as visitors actually want to
receive some good design related services and that is why they have used the
term in the search query as that. But at the same time, if the search results
or ppc ads is shown as brochure design tips or brochure design tools. Then that
it is the irrelevant ad being shown up with some unrelated keywords and your
visitors might get fled away as they are simply not getting the relevant
results from it. 

This is
the relevant search result you would get by using the right set of keywords in
your Ad Campaign. This is how you should incorporate the right set of keyword
in your campaign. Take a look. Here, using the keyword as “brochure design
service” as the search term, you are getting relevant ad results as the
brochure design services in the search result which is relevant and visitors
might find it interesting to click at it.

2: Writing a Boring or tedious Ad Copy
: Well, this is true that writing an Ad Copy
requires a lot of intelligence level as you need to incorporate all your ideas
into those 95 characters and you must be thinking how artful it is. But at the
same time, it is also true that writing some Ad Copy which is irrelevant,
boring or tedious doesnot do any miracle or at all. Ad Copy seriously plays a
major role in getting more clicks to your ads as this is the first thing which
visitors will see after going through the ad results. The more interesting it
sounds or seems the more and more clicks it will get as the visitors will like
to go through the services after going through the ads. Hence, writing in a
boring or tedious way would just stop all your visitors to visit your site any
3: Not Implementing Conversion Tracking
: Without having this clear path of conversion
tracking, it is just impossible for ppc managers to get the track of right set
of keywords which is generating the desired actions for the particular ppc
campaigns. Google provides the conversion code for free and being a ppc
advertiser, you need to implement this in your ad campaign for a better use of
your adwords. Hence, you will get to see the particular set of keywords which
is being targeted and thus clicks to your ads. If any irrelevant keyword is
seen, it can be removed by inserting it in the negative keyword list as
accordingly. Hence, this conversion tracking tool is seriously of great help.
4: Fails to incorporate your Conversion Tracking to Google Analytics
: Speaking freely, as
this has been highlighted by ppc company, Google Analytics
is one of the most powerful marketing tools which every ad words advertisers
should be acquainted with.  As a bonus,
if you connect your Adwords conversion tracking with your Analytics, then you
will probably get a good view of all the data that your campaign is generating.
Hence, it is of great help for all the campaign managers.
5: Diverting all the Traffic to your Website’s Homepage
: As most campaigns
take the advantage from driving traffic to unique and different landing pages
where the searchers can actually get the information that they are seeking more
easily. This would be a better idea indeed rather than diverting all the
traffic to the same home-page of your website and hoping that they find the
right set of information from your site. It has to be in mind that your
visitors are always busy and they just want the exact information from your
website with in a minute. Hence, you need to pay attention to the every bit of
time that they are spending on your website and help them by finding the right
set of information from there.
Thus, these are the most common mistakes as
committed by most ppc advertisers and overlooking it won’t help you much.
Hence, being a ppc advertiser you need to concentrate on these mistakes and try
to overcome it if committed at your Adwords Campaign.

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