Characteristics of Self Propelled Guns in World of Tanks

Self propelled guns or artillery is an important support weapon that provides powerful indirect fire. SPGs are long-range vehicles and this allows them to fire at the enemy from well within friendly lines. They are only as effective as the other vehicles around them. If you have a weak collection of tanks, the effectiveness of artillery will be compromised. Artillery will be most effective when used in alongside a group of powerful and agile tanks.

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Self Propelled Guns in World of Tanks
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Characteristics of SPGs
    • Self Propelled Guns or SPGs have very powerful guns and most of them use HE Shells as             ammunition.
    • SPGs have poor accuracy and most of the damage inflicted on the enemy is through splash             damage. However, if the shell lands on target, it will destroy the enemy tank.
    • SPGs have very little armor and therefore are very susceptible to light and medium tanks.
    • The inaccuracy combined with long reload time and slow aiming speed makes artillery                   effective only against stationary or slow moving tanks.
    • SPGs are used effectively alongside scouts to help spot targets.
    • The loading time for SPG’s is long and therefore it is a wise option to move the SPG after             firing. This will help prevent SPGs being detected and targeted by other enemy SPGs.
    • The cost of ammo used in SPG is on the expensive side. Therefore, one has to use artillery             wisely or can end up spending a lot on ammo.
    • On the mini map, SPGs will be seen as red or green squares.
    • There are about 40 SPGs available in the World of Tanks game.


American SPGs are quick, but are low on acceleration. The accuracy and firepower of American SPGs is decent and is rated to be between German and Soviet SPGs. Some of the largest artillery are available with the Americans like the M37.

German SPGs are high on maneuverability and accuracy. This allows them to change position quickly after firing. The firepower of SPGs is less, but the accuracy and maneuverability makes up for the lack of firepower. SPGs of tier 9 and 10 are bigger and less maneuverable. This has to be taken into account while planning a strategy with German SPGs. The rate of firing is second only to the American SPGs.

French SPGs have a combination of good accuracy, faster rate of fire and aim time. However, the damage and penetration levels of French SPGs are low when compared to the other nations. The French SPGs are some of the fastest SPGs in the game and can outrun a good number of tanks in the game. These vehicles are smaller and therefore have higher camouflage value.

Soviet SPGs have low damage levels, but are highly accurate. The firing arc of Soviet artillery is very high and this increases the flight time. These SPGs have faster firing rates and can hit tanks that are sheltered behind buildings and rocks.

The game does not feature British Self Propelled Guns or Chinese SPGs in the current version. According to the game developer, British SPGs will be added to the game in the 0.8.7 update.

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