The Secret of Using Google Plus to Get More Followers and Drive More Traffic

Many people think that Google plus doesn’t drive much traffic to their site. Yes in some cases it may be true but if you know the right ways of using any social networking site then you can even get more and more traffic to your site. It could be true that Google plus don’t drive much traffic like other social networks like Linkedin, StumbleUpon and Facebook do. But if you can make some research by spending few time on Google plus then you could be able to know the right key of using Google plus in it’s right way.

In my case i get more traffic from Google plus than other social networking sites. To get more exposure on Google plus first you will find out the areas in which you have to work. Here i am giving you some of my key features which i think would work for you to get more out of your Google plus profile and to get more followers and drive more traffics.

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Secret of Using Google Plus to Get More Followers
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1- Create a unique profile
The first thing that you should work on is your profile. a good profile about yourself can make a big difference, create a unique profile so people can easily know about you and your work also, put some content about your work in which you are an expert. Also tell people why they should follow you what they will get by following you trust is most important to your users.

2- Share your Content  
After creating your profile just head over and share some hot articles on your profile do this for a few days or weeks remember nobody likes an empty profile which has no content so just put some great content to your profile and after some you will see that people are interacting on your post trust me it take some time but at the end it will work.

3- Use communities
There is a great features in Google plus called communities, yes Google plus communities you can easily join to any community related to your site niche. Search for the communities related to your niche and join them and then just share your content there trust me using communities is very effective if you want more exposure to your content.

4- Which community you should join
This is most important when you are going to join any community for sharing your content, suppose you want to share an SEO related article so just search for SEO in your search bar and then choose communities you will see so many communities related to SEO but look for the community which has maximum number of members open it then join tat community and then share your articles there more members mean more people will be able to see your post.

5- Following others from your niche
This could be also very effective for you if you follow people related to your niche can give some followers back into your followers list, but how you will know that who is related to your niche to find this you can take some advantages from most popular Google plus pages like Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffingtonpost etc.

Suppose you have a tech related site then you must be searching for people who are interested in Tech related post and new latest new from technology. Then these pages could help you to find people to follow related to your niche. You can simply go to any of these site pages and head over to their followers list and start following users from their followers list, the reason it would work for you is that the person if he is interested in their content then he might be interested in your content also. When he will see your alerts may be he could start following you also. You can make a routine to follow users after following wait for some time and see who follows you back if some one don’t’ follow you back you can simply remove if you want.

6- Asking to follow
You can also get some followers just by asking them to follow you in return you will follow them. You can simply go to the user profile and send them a message that ” (you can follow me if you like i have some great content which i think you would like just have a look and if you like you can follow me to get more updates thanks)”  in this way you can get some more followers.

7- Interacting
Interact with others and get engaged with them as much as you can. There are lots of ways you can interact with other users on Google plus. Juts go to any popular page or profile look for profiles and pages which has lots of conversation and comments if you get one just start interacting by leaving your suggestions and comments, hit +1 on interesting comments trust me when you hit +1 on some users comments it attracts users towards you and by doing this you can create a better image of your profile and may be it can get you some more followers.

8- Commenting
Commenting on others profile or in the community is always a better and easy way to get engaged with others. By leaving your comments with some great and unique thoughts definitely attracts users to follow you.

These are some secret ways of using Google plus in a right way but for me the best way is sharing your great content on related communities that’s work perfect and get you more followers.

Please share and leave your comments below, I think this post will help you sure to get more out of your Google plus campaign use these tricks and watch the results.

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