Key Elements To Generate Your Klout Score

Klout Score is measured by your accumulation of influence across different social media networks. This means that your participation in various channels improves your area of influence. However, participation does not generate automatic influence; influence has to drive action in terms of comments, tweets, followers, likes and friends. Klout score is measured through the accumulation of points from ten networks over a ninety day period of being active.

Key Elements To Generate Your Klout Score
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This means your Facebook and Twitter activity, as well as your +1 google plus activity goes into the score. Instagram, Foursquare and Linkedln activity builds your score through likes and saved tips. Those with a Wikipedia page are ranked higher as well as those with articles tagged on Bing. Another method of acquiring points is through answers to questions. This platform is still evolving. Individuals can gain points by giving and receiving +Ks. However, there are a number of essential things you can do to generate and retain higher Klout Score:

Use of Management and Monitoring Tools
Social media boasts of a variety of tools to make your communication easier. Google Alerts provide useful News and blog updates that can be used as monitoring tools. Whenever an update shows up, it gives you a chance to comment. Comment quickly and comment well. This will cement your social media presence as individuals tend to remember those who feature comments in important news items.


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TweetDeck is excellent in managing twitter accounts. It enables you to effectively schedule your tweets. It also offers the chance to monitor what is being said about you. The important conversations are seen from one dashboard. This tool is important in deflecting negative comments as you are able to deal with them promptly.

HootSuite is a lifesaver for those who engage in different channels. You can use it to monitor yourself. You can schedule your posts and start conversations. You can also effectively analyze data through this tool. The correct tools require the correct audience to monitor.

Know Your Audience
If you want to really generate a high score, you need to know who you are targeting. People will only respond to you if you are talking their language or if you strike a nerve. Who exactly is your audience? What interests them? How can you get them to engage with you? Once your audience is in place, you need to engage with them. This is where you reveal your human side. Generate discussions and tweets. Make sure you pay attention and connect on a personal level.

Do not stick to your targeted audience
But instead branch to other audiences by guest blogging. Keep in mind that guest blogging gives you the opportunity to share valuable information while directing traffic back to you.

Etiquette Is Your Friend
In an effort to generate high scores, some individuals forget their good manners. This will only harm you. You want to generate positive comments, likes and followers. You can do these by treating people with respect. Telling people to ‘like’ your post will not get you very far. Instead, build up on your delivery. Make sense when commenting. Be generous with information. If you share something of interest happening around the world chances are someone will look to you as a source of information. This will increase your Klout Score.

There are certain topics you need to stay away from
Controversy sells but not when it’s in bad taste. Be careful when discussing such topics. Do not offer patronizing, crude or disrespectful comments. Do not over post either. People tend to un-follow or unlike individuals who bombard them with numerous news feeds.

Use your listening tactics to find out what your audience wants
Jumping to conclusions is not advisable. Listen, ask for clarification, ask questions, and then offer your comment in a respectful manner. Do not try to sell yourself but instead strive to help others. As you offer helpful information, individuals will learn to trust your judgment and keep you in their list of relevant sources.

Invest in good writing
Write well thought out pieces. Do your research and write from the point of authority. Do not rush to comment on unverified stories as though you are a source. Instead write about the good and the bad in an objective way. Ensure that your readers have avenues for commenting.

Those commenting on your articles deserve personalized responses. Respond in good time. Clarify information when asked to do so and give reasonable answers to critics.

Use Infographics and Videos
Infographics are the in thing right now. They generate a lot of discussion and receive numerous comments. Web videos are more likely to generate comments than plain texts. Brainstorm and create quality material. Be generous with information and make sure you link to your site. Utilize these resources well and watch your Klout Score rise.

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