Customer Service Goes Above and Beyond With Hosted VoIP

According to a study, 85% of customers would stop doing business with a company after just one bad experience with customer service. We’ve all done it – made the threat to switch providers after being put on hold for too long, not getting a refund, or having a hard time communicating with a customer service representative. Any issue with customer service seems to be doubly frustrating when doing the deal over the phone – which is the primary method in today’s society.

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If you’re a company that deals with a lot of customer complaints, account setups, bill pays, and other services over the phone (hint: this is almost every company), then it’s important to have good-quality phone calls. A lot of companies switch to VoIP not only because it saves them money and consolidates their services, but because it helps improve customer satisfaction. Here are four ways it can improve your customers’ experience when they call your company.


By Monitoring
During peak hours of the day, call traffic can get overwhelming. The monitoring tools that often come with PBX technology help you to monitor call patterns so you can identify the peak hours of the day and plan accordingly. Furthermore, the technology can record and store phone calls in a cloud, if desired, so that you can re-visit a phone call if a certain employee seems to be having a lot of issues with customers. This will allow you to identify if you need to re-train an employee or even fire them if they aren’t following rules. Furthermore, you can let your employees work from home without having to worry about if they’re actually taking their calls or not, since you can remotely monitor them.

With Call Forwarding
There’s nothing more frustrating than a customer than being put on hold only to be transferred to a line that no one is answering. You’ve just waited ten minutes of your life waiting to get through, and now the phone is just incessantly ringing. With VoIP, you can have your phone forwarded to your mobile, your computer, or your tablet automatically when you’re out of the office. You’ll never have to worry about missing calls – and upsetting customers – again.

By Improving Call Quality
Hosted VoIP services usually offer HD call quality which allows for clarity of sound on phone calls and in voicemails. If your phone call is breaking up or interrupted by static or feedback, it’s bound to frustrate your customer. With HD quality, you’ll never have to fear for your voicemails to be misunderstood or your customers hanging up out of frustration that they can’t understand you.

By Sending Voicemails to your E-Mail
With VoIP, you can have your voicemails transcribed to text and sent to your e-mail address. A lot of people get notifications on their smartphones when they receive an e-mail, so they can ensure that they’re returning calls promptly even if they’re away from their desks and forgot to forward their phones. No matter where you or your employees are, you can always ensure with this feature that everyone is in the loop and no customer’s concerns are going unanswered.

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