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When the Fortune 500 list of the year 2013 was published, it has been seen that more than half of the companies on the list have created a mobile app for their customers to use. However, less than 30% of these companies have mobile-optimized websites. Moreover, the main objective of a mobile-optimized website is to deliver an enhanced UX, and 75% people in the United States prefer a website which they can view on their mobile devices without any hindrance. But, 95% people in the United States have said that they have been to a website which is still not mobile-optimized.

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This data is seriously alarming! As 2015 is the year when the number of mobile Internet user is going to overtake the number of desktop Internet users, we are truly standing on the brink of a major shift in the way how we access the Internet. And with the growth in the purchase of mobile devices and such high amount of websites still not optimized for them, there will be a major crisis situation if action is not taken. There is still time, but a further delay will only narrow down the chances of your business surviving against your competitors in the future.

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So where shall you begin? Simply put, what will be your first move? Indulging yourself in the mobile web best practices is the best step forward. So, the next big question: what are the “best practices”? This is actually a term coined to denote a unique set of challenges focused on creating better mobile web experience. There are 5 such practices you might want to take a look at:

A Strong Strategy

This is one very essential component when it comes to preparing for the future. You need to understand the tools which are available to you, and also focus on helping your visitors get what they are looking for. Take your content strategy seriously and structure it uniformly. You also need to consider people first rather than the device. And above all, know when to go Hybrid, Native and/or Web.

Content Strategy
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An Improved UX

There are a variety of Internet users, and if someone has loved your mobile website doesn’t mean that it’ll be loved by the rest. The work of the designers will, therefore, be to consider all the possibilities and come up with something with the best features. The main approach is to strive for clarity. Design for touch and make gestures obvious. Also make it a point to keep form inputs to a minimum.

User Experince
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Mobile Web FAQ

The world of mobile web is young and is in the “ever-shifting” mode. And it’s pretty obvious that people always has have a bundle of answers to know about this new phenomenon. So, why don’t you create an FAQ section? Yes, you need to answer a lot of questions about your business too. But what’s the harm in creating a small separate section which will have the answers to the commonly-asked questions about mobile web.

The Design Matters

Mobile website design not only matters, it is the most important key to success. In fact, a mismatched design can completely ruin your reputation and drive your visitors away. The reason behind this is because mobile web design is not about pixel-perfection, it’s all about fluidity and usability. Create fluid designs, and be attentive when it comes to image scaling. Don’t rely on fixed headers/footers, and don’t freak out about the fold.

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…And The Development Too

Mobile web development needs coding for a wide range of devices – all with their limitations and unique capabilities. Use progressive enhancement as it will help you optimize the best devices, and simultaneously create functional experiences for everyone. Use feature detection and hide the URL bar to maximize the screen real estate.  Serve the correct video format and use semantic code. You also need to use relative units and lower the dependence n images with CSS.

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With these 5 “best practices” performed to perfection, it is a guarantee that your mobile web strategy will turn out to be one of the best. And this will not only help your visitors take delight in your mobile website, but will also earn you a lot of respect from your peers and competitors. After all, wouldn’t you want to get recognized as a force to reckon with?

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