You tube is one of the most successful search engine which gets innumerous traffic. It is probably the best platform to promote your blog and get increased traffic on web. It is also a best podium for those who want to earn money by monetizing their videos. But before uploading your video it is important to understand the basic requirements for creating and placing it successfully. This guide will educate you about the 6 things you should have before recording videos for you tube.

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1. A video camera
Of course, you need to invest in a good quality camera if you are planning to record live videos. Make sure it is a HD camera as youtube prefers to provide videos with HD quality. It is important to check youtube website for Advanced Encoding Settings [] before you decide to buy a video camera. You camera should support the settings mentioned in the guide.

Get a tripod to fix your camera at desired angles while recording your video for best result. An in built microphone is an added advantage but it may be not useful all the times.

2. A microphone
An external microphone may enhance the quality of your video by providing crystal clear voice. Though most of the computers and video cameras have in built microphones which work well, but your videos may seem a bit noisy. These inbuilt speakers do not have the ability to record noise free voice. Some good quality microphones come with software compatible to your computer making the process easy. An external microphone enables you to regulate the sound quality much better than inbuilt ones.

3. A video recording software
Video recording software is needed if you decide to record your video on your computer. You may either use paid apps like Camtasia or preloaded software like QuickTime if you are using Mac.

Though both the software are equally good Camtasia may provide you with complete solution from recording your videos to editing. You may also find some online sites that offer you to create and edit your videos with subscriptions on monthly basis which is good for those who want to create one time videos. But if you are planning to make numerous videos opt for paid apps or QuickTime.

4. A video editing software
Once you have recorded your video, you will need to edit it. Editing includes cutting unwanted parts of your video, applying themes and animations and audio sync. If you are using Mac you may easily do all the editing by using the preloaded software iMovie.

Otherwise you may use Camtasia as well, that you used for video recording. You may utilize advanced options which come with it to enhance your video and add various effects. It is easy to understand and creating professional quality video is no big deal with such software.

5. A photo editing software for creating custom thumbnails
Custom thumbnails are one feature added by youtube which enables you to promote your videos extensively. But to create that you need a photo editing software. Though you will get some photo editing software on the web, it is recommended to use apps like Pixelmator. It is easy to understand and can be used effectively in creating good quality thumbnails for your video.

Mac users may use apps like Keynote to create thumbnails using its themes which comes free. Invest a good amount of time in creating these thumbnails as they will be promoting your videos on you tube which in turn will attract traffic to your site or blog.

6. An introduction
A good intro helps you in describing your video on you tube. It is therefore imperative to put great emphasis on creating a professional intro to monetize your content on youtube. Though there are no specific instructions from youtube in creating an intro, you should still accentuate on it because it may help you promoting your brand. You may create your logo and use it in introduction for all your videos.

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You may also get your logo or introduction designed at affordable cost by certain websites like Fiverr which offer services for video promotions.

These things together may help you in making high quality professional videos which will easily find its way in making money on youtube.

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